Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Style Highlights: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is in the new-ish movie, Somewhere. I haven't seen it but the trailer is divine. Link here. But not only is the little sister of Dakota Fanning get rave reviews for her acting. But she's also taking the fashion world by storm. This budding fashionista seems to be everywhere. And from her pictures it isn't hard to tell why.

Elle Fanning in Marchesa [left]. Elle Fanning in a layered plaid dress paired with lace stockings and Doc Martins [right].

Elle looks angelic in this simple, yet sweet, dress from the lovely ladies at Marchesa. Her simple hair and lack of jewelry help highlight the beauty and intricate detailing of the dress. The little flare at the hemline seems like a insignificant detail but it holds a big impact. A simple pair of black mary-janes complete the look. 

This look is in the total opposite end of the spectrum. But she still looks fabulous. The chaotic mix of ruffles, layers, and plaid may have looked overwhelming on another lady but Elle pulls off this look with a sweet smile and bold confidence. The maroon lace stockings are an unexpected, yet perfectly fitting, accessory. As are the brown and busted Doc Martins.  

Elle Fanning in a structured black mini with a big bow detail [left] and Valentino [right].

Elle looks elegant in this structured black gown. The color contrasts beautifully against her pale skin. The bow detail from her dress is mimicked on her printed flats. The milkmaid braid on the top of her head is lovely in its simplicity. Again, Elle keeps the look young and fresh with no jewelry.

This Valentino dress is genius. The way the colors, prints, and textures work together keeps the eye interested and intrigued. Elle pulls her hair back as to not overwhelm the eye-catching patterns and prints of the dress. She also wears no jewelry and keeps her heels a simple nude to keep the attention on the gown and not the unnecessary accessories. Elle looks truly stunning.

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Photos courtesy of instyle.co.uk


  1. the first dress is very nice :)


  2. Loving her Marchesa look. :) I think I'm starting to like her even more than Dakota!

  3. I love her in that little white dress! Too cute.
    xo Josie


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