Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rachel Bilson + Chloe Marcie Bag

I just recently blogged about my obsession with the Chloe Marcie Bag. Click here for link to that post. Imagine my surprise and utter joy when I noticed that Rachel Bilson also a deep fondness for this effortlessly chic bag as well. Great minds think alike!

Rachel Bilson at Cru Cafe in Hollywood wearing her adorable Chloe Marcie Bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Chloe Catlyn Short Boots, GAP Military Jacket, American Apparel Hoodie, Medium Wash Jeans, and Button-Up Plaid shirt [left].

Rachel Bilson out in Santa Monica wearing a Chloe Marcie Bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers, LV Stole, Alice + Olivia Arthur Pants, GAP Military Jacket, and Nude Pumps [right].

Rachel Bilson shopping in Los Angelos wearing her faithful Chloe Marcie Bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers in Tortoise, Chunky Sweater, Black Tee, Medium Wash Jeans, and peep-toe flats [left].

Rachel Bilson heading to a casting office wearing her Chloe Marcie Bag, Blue Jeans with a Zip Detail, J. Crew Majorie Suede Flats, Pale Pink Scarf, Black Sweater, and White Tank [right]. 

If you want to style like Rachel Bilson. Here is a link to where you can get your own Chloe Marcie Bag or maybe you just want to look at it and imagine that it has a home in your closet [something that I like to do]. But keep in mind that it is very expensive. Emphasis on the very.

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  1. She is so chic and classic i love her style!!


  2. Chloe's brown leather accesories are fantastic! I like the last look of Rachel's best!

  3. I absolutely adore Rachel Bilson's style!

  4. I love that bag, I need to add it to my list..


    Visit my blog:

  5. would you happen to know the color?

  6. Helloo visiting you & greeting from Turkey :P

  7. I ADORE that bag -- it's so darling!
    xo Josie

  8. I swear all rachel does these days is walk around looking good- because shes not been in anything for such a long time, but regardless I adore her and everything she wears. Gorgeous blog by the way!

  9. Ciao, ho aperto un blog per chi desidera effettuare lo scambio iscrizioni,

    per chi è interessata:


  10. gosh she seems to really love that bag and i can see why its freaking gorgeous!!


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