Friday, June 28, 2013

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance Review

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance
I have a confession. I have an addiction to reading beauty blogs and watching beauty gurus on YouTube. And one of my favorite girls to read/watch is definitely Fleur from or I especially love reading her Friday Fragrance posts. So I thought I would write one of my own. I don't have much experience with fragrance let's hope this goes well. 

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance
Flowerbomb is easily one of the most mature scents I own. I wear this scent when I want to feel sophisticated and feminine. My friend in high school used to wear this perfume and that was how I first heard about Flowerbomb. This was during the time that I was just getting into makeup and I was astounded that a perfume could cost so much money ($110 for a 1.7 oz bottle). The price was the main reason that it took me so long to actual become the proud owner of a bottle. For a long time I would just spritz myself whenever I was at Sephora's and enjoy the scent until it faded. In the end, it was worth the wait. 

Flowerbomb not only packs a punch to the sense of smell but also to the sense of sight. It took me many trips to Sephora and a comment from my sister before I noticed that the perfume bottle is inspired by a grenade. I hadn't given the name a second thought but now it all made sense. Flowerbomb is one of the best designed perfumes bottles on the market. It is subtle but powerful, edgy but sophisticated. It is a perfume bottle that would appeal to a wide range of women and I can't get enough. Flowerbomb smells amazing but I also love how it looks on my shelves. 

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance 
Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance
The official notes of the perfume are sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, ballerina freesia, and patchouli. This scent is a bit more floral than most of my other perfumes. It is also more of a nighttime scent than most of my other perfumes. It is heavy scent but I find that it becomes significantly softer as the oils of the scent interact with your natural pheromones. But I'm not the only one who loves it. My sister is also a big fan. As are many of Sephora shoppers as Flowerbomb is one of the store's best selling perfumes.

-Lovely floral scent
-Beautiful and edgy packaging

-Price ($110 for 1.7 oz)

In conclusion, the price keeps me from saying that Flowerbomb is a must have perfume. I loved this scent for a long time before I finally committed. And I think that's the best route to go for most perfumes. They're expensive and it takes forever to get your money's worth. There is one thing I've learned in my years of buying perfume: do your research. Read reviews online, check it out in stores, and make sure it smells good on you (because most perfumes smell different in the bottle vs. on your skin). But I highly recommend that people check out this scent the next time your at a fragrance counter. I love it and I'm not alone. Hopefully you will too.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Essie "The More the Merrier" Swatch + Review

Essie "The More the Merrier" Swatch + Review
 I think it's official. I'm having a moment of Essie obsession. Two weeks ago, in celebration of my 20th birthday, I picked up three Essie nail polishes at Target--as you can probably guess "The More the Merrier" was one of them. Click here to see the other two colors I picked up. But my obsession doesn't end there. On Friday I posted My Essie Nail Polish Collection blog post and today I'm going to review this stunning shade from one of my favorite nail polish brands.

Essie "The More the Merrier"
Essie released "The More the Merrier" in their 2013 Summer Collection. It was love at first sight. I own quite a few green nail polishes but they're all dark colors that I wear a lot in the fall and winter. "The More the Merrier" is the perfect lime green color. A few years ago I never would've picked up a color like this but recently I've been enjoying bolder nail polish colors--especially for summer. This is one of those colors that EVERYONE will notice. As an added bonus for any fellow Washington citizens this color is perfect for Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Sounders nail art. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Revlon "Lollipop" Lip Butter Swatch + Review

Revlon Lip Butter in "Lollipop"
It is mid-June and that means summer is officially here (even if the weather outside as I'm typing this hasn't quite gotten the memo). In the past week I've noticed a definite trend when it's come to my makeup. My whole face is simple and natural but I've been gravitating towards bright fuchsia lipstick--specifically the Revlon Lip Butter in "Lollipop". It's no secret that I love the Revlon Lip Butters. Click here to see the review I posted recently where I show off all the colors I own and explain why I love the range. But this post is all about why I love "Lollipop".

Revlon Lip Butter in "Lollipop"
Revlon "Lollipop" Lip Butter Swatch
 "Lollipop" has the same great consistency as all of the other Revlon Lip Butters I've tried. It's smooth, easy to apply, and extremely opaque. The color is very true to the packaging and the look of the product in the tube. There is something about this product that you might not notice until you get it home, if you look very closely to my swatch you will notice that "Lollipop" does have some glitter in it. Now, normally I'm not a huge glitter fan--especially on the lips. I like a little glitter is some of my blush and highlight products but I find that glittery lipstick can sometimes look a little ostentatious. But with "Lollipop" the glitter is super subtle and hard to see unless you're super close up and looking for it.

Revlon Lip Butter in "Lollipop" swatched on the lips
In conclusion, I love-love-love-love this color. It is perfect for the warm days of summer. It would look great paired with a fun bikini on the beach or with a sophisticated dress for a night out. "Lollipop" is truly one of the most versatile shades I own. It's also the one that I get the most compliments when I wear it.

-Smooth application
-Opaque formulation
-Bold fuchsia color that works on wide range of skin tones
-Sleek, modern, and young packaging
-Moderate Price (around $6.00)
-Easily available at most drugstores

-Not long lasting (needs re-application after about an hour or two)

As you can see from the list above, the benefits of this product far outweigh the costs. "Lollipop" (and all the other Revlon Lip Butter shades I've owned) do not stay on the lips for very long. They tend to need re-application around an hour or two. These products aren't advertised as long lasting but I find that due to their soft and smooth formulation, the Lip Butters have a much shorter lifespan than a regular lipstick. But despite this flaw, I still love them. If you want to try a few shades I would recommend taking a look at "Lollipop", Sweet Tart", or "Gumdrop". These are all fantastic summer appropriate colors. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Essie Nail Polish Collection: Photos + Reviews

Happy Friday everyone! We did it! After two weeks of silence I'm back and better than ever. On Wednesday I published a post about my favorite new spring/summer Essie nail polishes. That was so well received that I thought I'd celebrate and share my Essie Nail Polish Collection. OPI is my true nail polish love but Essie is a close second. Essie has an AMAZING range of colors that only gets better and better with each collection they release. Essie colors cab be bright and bold or subtle and timeless. Essie literally has a color that will please everyone--for a semi-affordable price. What's not to love?

My Essie Nail Polish Collection
Here is a quick overview of my collection. I was able to split the shades into four categories: neutrals, brights, berries, and blue/greens. I will go through each group one by one and give each polish a quickie review (if you want to hear more about a certain color, I've linked to full reviews). I promise to try to be brief. Okay, let's get started. 

My Essie Collection: Set in Stone, Sand Tropez, Buy Me A Cameo, Lady Like, Figi
 Before Essie was known for their bold and bright polishes, they were the master of neutral polishes--especially their wide range of baby pink polishes. Starting from the left, Set in Stone is a glitter polish that I received in my Birchbox months ago. It is a beautiful color to give a manicure a little extra bling. Sand Tropez  is the only nude polish I wear. It is a great polish for a polished and subtle look--but it doesn't give me mannequin hands. The search for the perfect nude is a hard one and I highly recommend this one. Buy Me a Cameo is a shimmery dark nude. I wear this color to formal events like weddings or graduations. It's a subtle glamour. Lady Like is the purple side of nude. It is an interesting color but I don't find myself reaching for it very often. I prefer Sand Tropez or Buy Me a Cameo. And last but not least, Figi. This color is an Essie legend. Everyone loves Figi and for good reason. It is the perfect baby pink color. It does take A LOT of coats but if you're patient, the end product is stunning. 

My Essie Collection: Lilacism, Van D'Go, Tart Deco, Cute As A Button, Pansy
 Now onto the pastels and the brights. Lilacism is another Essie legend. It is the original lilac nail polish that almost all beauty bloggers own and love. In recent years almost every brand from Maybelline to OPI has released a similar shade. Lilacism is a lovely color but there are less expensive optionis out there. Van D'Go is a perfect creamsicle orange. The first time I wore it I was a little wary but the more I wore the color, the more I love it. It isn't available at drugstores but many salons like Ulta still have this limited edition polish in stock. Tart Deco, another limited edition color and another favorite. Even when I abhorred orange nail polish, I loved this one. If you are hesitant about orange nail polish, try this one. Cute As A Button has recently received a lot of attention on the blog-o-sphere and I can say that it is well deserved. Check it out the next time you're at your local drugstore. Pansy is a medium pink color. Quite honestly I forgot that I had this color in my collection. It is a nice color but nothing special. I can think of a half-dozen polishes that are very similar. 

My Essie Collection: Splash of Grenadine, No Boundaries, Watermelon, Head Mistress, Scarlet O'Hara
 Now, the berry polishes. The first up is Splash of Grenadine. As you can see from how much I've used up, this polish is well loved. It falls somewhere in between a purple and a pink. This color is perfect for spring and summer. No Boundaries is a shade that I've recently rediscovered. It doesn't look like much in the bottle but on the nails, it's exquisite. Watermelon as the name suggest this polish is the bright pink of summer's favorite fruit. It is lovely but it isn't anything terribly unique. Head Mistress is a color that has a funny story. I bought it mostly because I was looking for a great winter color. I thought it was perfect because it's very similar to the burgundy color of  Gryffindor and since McGonagall was Head Mistress after Snape, I thought it was extremely fitting. I bought Scarlet O'Hara because I'm a little bit obsessed with Gone with the Wind. I think Rhett and Scarlet's relationship is so iconic (although I think the movie is way too long to watch in one sitting). Every beauty junkie needs a nail polish named after the only woman who can pull off a dress made of curtains.

My Essie Collection: Wrapped in Rubies, Mojito Madness, Turquoise & Caicos, Borrowed & Blue, Dive Bar
And last but not least, the blue greens. The first polish, Wrapped in Rubies, is a gift from my aunt. I'd been lusting after this color for months before she was kind enough to give it to me. It is a lovely duo-chrome red/gold nail polish. It is a color that I love to wear in the fall and winter because it will go with everything. Mojito Madness is the only true green that I own and I love it. It looks wonderful in the spring and I especially love accenting my ring finger with a white and green chevron design. It looks so chic and modern. A lot of women are hesitant to wear green nail polish. So if you're rocking this color during the summer, you won't have to worry about someone matching you. Turquoise & Caicos is another one of those Essie legends. When it was released it was ALL OVER YouTube and beauty blogs. You know why? Because at the time there was nothing like it. Even now, I can't think of any dupes. This color is bold and perfect for the beach. Borrowed & Blue was released ages ago in one of Essie's bridal collections. I don't know if I would ever wear blue nail polish to my wedding but I have no problem wearing it everywhere. I've used almost the entire bottle and I don't think this color is available anymore. Sigh. It really is something special. I picked up  Dive Bar after I saw Amarixe's blog post about this nail polish ages ago. It looked so good on her. And I've learned that this girl knows a thing or two about nail polish. Whenever she recommends a nail polish I know I can trust her opinion. 

My Essie Nail Polish Collection
My Essie Nail Polish Collection
And that was my Essie Nail Polish Collection! I did recently buy three shades from the Essie 2013 Spring and Summer Collections but I decided not to include them because they threw off my organizing system. But you can click here to check them out! I hope you enjoyed this. Leave a comment below if you want to me do a similar post with my OPI or Julep or Sephora by OPI polishes.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set Review + Pictures

 Last week was the 20th anniversary of my birth and I got a few goodies from my loving family. One of the biggest splurge gifts I got was the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set which is available at Sephora and here at I've been lusting after all of the perfumes available from Marc Jacobs for some time now but Daisy Eau So Fresh has had a special place in my heart. I own it in rollerball form and absolutely love it. My sister told me that my dad had actually attempted to buy this for me for Christmas but had accidentally bought the wrong perfume. Better late than never and I am so stoked that I finally have my hands on this bad boy.  

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Body Lotion + Shower Gel
I know that many of you are probably asking a good question. What will $82.00 get me at Sephora? Well, the gift set comes with a 75 mL Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette perfume. The bottle was the thing that first attracted me to this scent. It is so girly and bold. I might have come for the packaging (which is flawless) but I stayed for the scent. The notes of this perfume are raspberry, grapefruit, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, musks, cedarwood, and plum. This retails for $78.00 on its own. 

The gift set also comes with a 75 mL body lotion and bubbly shower gel. The lotion is light and rubs easily into the skin. The scent isn't very potent and doesn't seem to last very long. For these reasons, I tend to wear the lotion and the perfume at the same time. The body wash has a very silky consistency and is surprisingly more fragrant than the lotion. It's very nice but I feel so strange using such a luxurious bath product that I've only used it one time so that I could write this review (and I used a very small amount). 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Makeup Bag
The last thing you get in the gift set is a medium sized makeup bag. It will easily fit the lotion, the perfume, and the body wash. It is made of a cotton-y material and is lined with a water-resistant material. But honestly, I was a bit disappointed. On the back of the box that the gift set comes in, there is a picture of the makeup bag and it looks like it is made up of  something more durable. The canvas-like material will absorb anything that it will come in contact with (be it makeup or liquids or just everyday grime) and will be difficult to clean--especially since the bag is mainly that oatmeal color. 

But even though I am a little disappointed, it is a nice bag. I love the hardware on the zipper. So elegant and thoughtful. The zipper is smooth and easy to use. It is nice but not as sturdy as I was hoping. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume + Body Lotion
Here are a bunch of pictures of the perfume bottle because I think the Marc Jacobs perfumes are easily some of the best designed packaging on the market. Plus, I've been lusting after this thing for a couple years and in my excitement I got a bit photograph happy. I'm realizing that I probably should have a worn a better outfit when I took these pictures because you can totally see me in the bottle's reflection. Disclaimer: it was like Saturday morning when I took this pictures and I was rocking my PJ's.

-$110 value for $82 
-Smells splendid
-Sleek and girly packaging

-Makeup bag material isn't cleaning friendly + flimsy

In conclusion, I think this gift set (and most gift sets available at Sephora) are an excellent value formoney. The perfume alone cost $78 and for only four dollars more you get body lotion, shower gel, and a cute (if flimsy and hard to clean if you get stains on it) bag. Sign me up! It's really a no brainer if you ask me. If you're not a big fan of Daisy Eau De Fresh, I know that Sephora (and other fragrance retailers like Macy's) have tons of these gift sets and will probably have something more to your taste. I plan on doing a more in depth perfume review in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes peeled but I will see you guys tomorrow with another beauty blog post. If you didn't know, I'm posting everyday this week (Monday through Friday) to make up for the fact that I abandoned my blog as I struggled through finals week. I hope you've been enjoying it so far. Leave suggestions in the comments below and I will see you all next time!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Spring/Summer Essie Nail Polishes: Favorites + Photos

New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes
In celebration of the end of the school year (and the 20th anniversary of my being alive) I decided that it was time to pick up some nail polishes that would be perfect for the next three months of heat, snow cones, and relaxation. Essie always has the best collections available at the drugstore. I always see them at Target or when I'm flipping through a magazine and I know that I have to have them all. Unfortunately my budget can't handle all buying all ten shades released from Essie in their 2013 Resort and Summer Collections--not to mention all the drool-worthy shades in the Neon Collection. So I picked up three colors. 

New Spring/Summer Essie Nail Polishes: In the Cab-ana, Naughty Nautical, and The More the Merrier
New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
I think my nail polish choices are reflecting my subconscious desire to go to the beach. Wouldn't you agree? The first color I picked up was the light blue cream polish called "In the Cab-ana". I heard so many fantastic things about this polish from bloggers and beauty YouTubers that it would have been impossible for me not to look at it during my next Target run. Spoiler alert: It's a stunning color. You should check it out on your next Target run too. I don't think you'll be disappointed. "In the Cab-ana" was the only color I picked up from the 2013 Resort Collection. The other colors were nice but I felt that I had similar colors in my collection already. 

The next color I picked up was the bright lime green cream polish called "The More the Merrier". It is like nothing I have in my collection (and considering how large my nail polish collection is--that's pretty impressive). I have a few green polishes but they're all dark forest greens. Perfect for fall but for summer I wanted something a bit more daring. In the pictures the color is showing up a bit yellow but in real life I guarantee that it is a true lime green--this would be perfect for any Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Sounders fans out there. Unfortunately it was a gloopy application. And finally, the last color I bought--a medium seaform polish with silver glitter called "Naughty Nautical". This is the only color that I haven't worn and so I can't speak to the consistency of the product but from what I've seen it's a gorgeous color but the glitter isn't that obvious unless you look very, very closely. Which is kind of a bummer. These two shades were both recently released in Essie's 2013 Summer Collection. 

New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
 There are seven more colors that Essie released in their Spring and Summer 2013 Collections but these were the shades that I felt were the most unique. I'm also lusting after "Sunday Funday", "The Girls Out There", and "Rock the Boat" from the Summer 2013 Collection. Summer is long from over, so I might end up picking up a few more colors. You never know. Which nail polishes are you wearing this summer? Leave a comment below! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches, Photos, + Reviews

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks
It's finally time for me to review the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks! Spoiler alert: they're one of my favorite drugstore lipsticks. Why, you might ask? Well, I'm about to tell you. Reason number one. These lipsticks are a great basic lipstick at a fantastic price. No makeup brand has Maybelline's color range or can beat the price. With over 68 shades to choose from, there is going to be a color to suit everyone. The lipsticks aren't luxurious (nothing comparable in quality to a MAC or YSL or other high end brand lipsticks) but they work excellently for the price. They're highly pigmented and apply smoothly.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks: Hooked on Pink, Make Me Pink, Fifth Ave. Fuchsia, and Yummy Plummy
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks
Now, onto the things that can be improved. My biggest complaint about Maybelline Lipsticks (I've said it so many times I'm beginning to sound like a broken record) is their lack of safety packaging. It makes me wary that anyone can open the lipstick, get germs all over the product, and I wouldn't even know. I'm sure most of their consumers wouldn't mind a raise in the price if that meant their products were guaranteed to be untouched. I'm also not a big fan of the generic chemical smell. It fades a few minutes after application, so it's not that big a of a deal. But I guess that's one of the luxuries you sacrifice with a smaller price tag. 

My last complaint is about how it is impossible to tell the finish of any of the Maybelline Lipsticks without opening the tube and looking at the actual bullet. This is a real problem because I am deathly afraid of frost or overly glittery finishes-especially when they come from the drugstore. I hope that in any future re-branding efforts, Maybelline will choose to add a section that addresses the finish. It is a big deal but, in the end, it could make a big difference. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick: Hooked on Pink, Make Me Pink, Fifth Ave. Fuschia, and Yummy Plummy
Maybelline Lipsticks: Hooked on Pink, Make Me Pink, Fifth Ave. Fuchsia, and Yummy Plummy
Here are the four colors I own swatched on my arm. They all have a cream finish (because I am a firm believer in being safer rather than sorry) and unfortunately cannot speak to the quality of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks in other finishes. "Yummy Plummy" and "Make Me Pink" are the colors that I've worn the most over the years. "Yummy Plummy" is probably my favorite just because it the perfect color to get a super subtle purple toned lip look. I cannot recommend it enough. Although I've worn those two colors the most since I purchased these shades, "Hooked on Pink" is quickly becoming one of my recent favorites. It is a bright pink/red that just makes me so excited for summer. "Fifth Ave. Fuchsia" is undeniably a gorgeous color but I'm rarely in the mood to wear a lipstick that is that bold. I normally prefer to go a little subtler with my makeup but if you are looking for a great, inexpensive fuchsia lipstick, definitely check out "Fifth Ave. Fuchsia".

-Wide range of colors (over 68 to choose from)
-Highly pigmented
-Smooth application
-Price ($7.49)

-Generic chemical smell
-No safety packaging in stores
-Finish of lipsticks is not labeled on packaging
-Some colors can be drying

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with buying one of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. Just be sure to take a really hard look at the bullet to make sure that it hasn't been used or tampered with. The product does have a few flaws but, for the price, I think these are an excellent choice. With such a large range of shades to choose from, Maybelline will have a color to suit your needs.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tarte "Peaceful" Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Swatch + Review

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in "Peaceful"
Hello, everyone! Long time, no post. But I promise I have a good excuse. I needed to take a break from blogging life because my school schedule was getting insane. I barely had time to breathe much less put together a blog post. But I have finally defeated my last final on Thursday and after taking a few days to relax, I am back with a bang! What sort of bang you might ask? Well, for the rest of this week I will be publishing a blog post a day! I hope you're as excited about this as I am. But enough about that, let's get into the review! 

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in "Peaceful"
Tarte has recently released their new Maracuja line with products ranging from lip gloss (obviously), cheek tint, self tanner, concealer, and more. But what actually is Maracuja. And more importantly, how do you pronounce it? I'm sure a lot of you will be surprised to hear that Maracuja is the word for passion fruit in Spanish or Portugese. Exotic, but not quite as exotic an ingredient as most of us would have thought. I've tried a few of the Tarte Maracuja products and I honestly believe the whole Maracuja hype is largely a marketing scheme. I find it hard to believe the mysterious ingredient that will give you glossy lips, rosy cheeks, a sunless bronze glow, conceal your every unwanted blemish, and so much more is also the same item you can pick up for under five dollars at your local grocery store. Passion fruit is probably great for your skin but it isn't the miracle product that Tarte is trying to make it out to be. 

But I'm still not sure about the answer to the pronunciation questions, even after spending a half-an-hour playing around with Google Translate. I promise I won't judge not matter how you say it. If you know the proper way to say it, please leave it in a comment below. 

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in "Peaceful"
I received this product as a gift for Christmas and it took me so long to review it because it has one of those clickable brush designs. I hate these things so much. They're a good idea--in theory--but they never seem to work in reality. One) It takes forever for the product to move into the brush--especially when you use it for the first time. The first time I bought one of these types of lip glosses, I ended up breaking in my attempt to get the product out. This is not for the impatient people out there--myself included. Two) The brush isn't great at apply gloss. I had the same problems with this product as I did with the Stila Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. I didn't find it to be as much of a problem because the product is so sheer but I will admit that the packaging's design is annoying. I would have preferred a regular lip gloss container and I know after looking through some reviews online that I'm not the only one. 

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss 
 While the functional design of the packaging leaves much to be desired, the Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses are beautiful to look at. Here is an up close look at the floral print wrapped around the product. To be honest, this divine packaging, the Tarte name, and the lack of parabens/sulfates is what you are paying $21.00 for when you purchase this product. And quite honestly, I don't think that it's worth the money. 

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in "Peaceful"
Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in "Peaceful" 
Once you get the product on the lips (which can take a while as I mentioned earlier in the review), it has a great consistency. It isn't sticky or gloopy. However, and I wasn't expecting this, but this product does give the lips a tingling sensation. It isn't marketed as a lip plumper but the more I wear it, the more I'm convinced that my lips look a little fuller. Maybe this is just my imagination. The tingling isn't as intense as many of the other lip plumping glosses out on the market but it is definitely noticeable. Honestly, I don't really like the tingling sensation and I see it as a negative but I know that there are a lot of women out there who LOVE it when their lip products tingle. I guess it's just up to personable preference. 

-Adorable floral packaging
-Non-sticky and smooth application
-Fresh minty smell 

-Price ($21.00)
-Poor functional brush design
-Takes forever to product to move through the tube
-Lack of pigmentation (very, very sheer)

In conclusion I found this product to be sort of meh. There isn't anything that I hate about it (other that the functional design of the product) but there's nothing about it that makes me want to rush out to the nearest Sephora and pick up another color. I will use up the product and when I'm done with it, I'll move on to another lip gloss. The consistency is very similar to a MAC Lip Glass or the NYC Liquid Lip Shines (which are hands down my favorite drugstore lip gloss--no competition) which I think are both awesome alternatives. It is lovely but nothing to go gaga over.

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