Monday, August 8, 2011

OPI Femme de Cirque Nailpolish Collection

I recently did a blog about my first impression about these nail polishes. If you want to see that post, simply click here. But I got several requests that I swatch the I decided to go for it.

From left to right: Step Right Up!, So Many Clowns...So Little Time, In the Spotlight Pink, & I Juggle...Men.

My favorite color is still So Many Clowns. In the Spot-Light Pink is beautiful bubble gum pink, so soft, so beautiful. I know I talked about this in my first impressions post but I really do think I Juggle...Men is the perfect color to give to a little girl who is just getting into nail polishes. It is a super beautiful and incredibly subtle sparkle with a blue-ish tint. I adore!

Here are just a few more photos with different hand poses. I love how OPI didn't go bold or crazy with their colors because it was circus inspired. These colors are perfect for spring because they're soft and subtle that will look stunning with any of the bright colors you choose to wear.

As you can see with the swatches above, So Many Clowns...So Little Time & Step Right Up! are VERY similar. I don't think you need both. But I think if you want a more nude-y polish go for So Many Clowns. It's my personal favorite. But if you want a more pinky undertone then Step Right Up! is for you. My sister prefers Step Right Up! I think it's all about personal preference. Both of them are very beautiful but I don't know if they're different enough to justify buying both.

Final thoughts? This collection is so pretty. It is timeless. I can't imagine a future when these colors won't be wearable. Plus, I feel that they transcend seasons. I could wear these colors in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. I know that some people won't appreciate these shades because it isn't in your face but I adore them.

Please don't forget to follow this blog! Check out the OPI website to check out the colors and other collections.Which color catches your eye? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.  

FTC: OPI sent me these colors for review


    I love the nude colours OPI comes out with because im still in school and can only wear subtle nail colours and OPI is an amazing brand so its a win win. The only thing is that i have found if you use a certain colour too frequently it can become kind of gluggy and thick.
    ~ Jordy

  2. I'm hardcore obsessed with OPI but haven't checked out this collection yet -- I love In the Spotlight Pink! OPI does the best nude tones, honestly.
    xo Josie

  3. Those are really pretty! I like how it is sort of unexpected, nude tones for Cirque de Soleil, which is so famously colorful.


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