Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Carpet Style: Lara Stone

I've posted about Lara Stone before but never about her clothing off the runway. I know. I know. How silly of me. Models have lives outside of fashion week and Marc Jacob's ads. And Lara Stone is no exception.

Lara Stone in Calvin Klein [left] and with her husband, David Williams, in a sweeping fuchsia gown [right].

Metallics are so beautiful...when done right. Lara has a unique sort of beauty that I think is really healthy for girls to see. She  is a cookie cutter but she is one of the most stunning women. This look is simplistic but Lara has the confidence to pull it off. Brava.

Sigh. This color is to die for. The way that it makes her skin glow is breath-taking. And showing off a bit of leg doesn't hurt too. The high pony was also a highlight for me [slight pun intended] because it was just so fashion and yet it looked completely effortless.

Lara Stone in Calvin Klein [left] and with David Williamson, in a shiny mini gold dress [right].

Lara loves her Calvin Klein. The simplistic cut and shiny fabric was the perfect choice. She looks so confident and beautiful. Although I'm not in love with her shoes, I do realize that Lara is a fan of the strappy heel while I'm a chunky pump kind of girl. Personal preference.

Lara looks stunning metallics...again. The detailing on this dress is beautiful and delicate. The cinched waist is stunning. The loose flowing hair is perfection. I adore this look...except for the shoes. But everything else is so incredibly stunning that those white shoes don't bother me. Magnificent!

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  1. She looks gorgeous in every dress!!

  2. I LOVE that gold dress!
    xo Josie

  3. Lara looks stunning! That fuschia dress is beautiful on her.


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