Friday, September 28, 2012

Selena Gomez's Street Style

Selena Gomez in Malibu wearing dark sunglasses, large silver hoop earrins,Wildfox Couture neon green crop to, Paige white denim shorts, and a grey Line Tristan wrap cardigan [left].

Selena Gomez at LAX wearing dark sunglasses, a delicate gold necklace, an asymetrical cream sweate over an asymetrical striped tank, American Eagle distressed jeggings, and studded black boots [right].

Selena Gomez out shopping in Los Angeles wearing a sheer cream blouse with shoulder cut-outs, light-wash distressed skinny jeans, a delicate pendant necklace, cream ballet flats, dark sunglasses, and a Louis Vuitton handbag [left].

Selena Gomez out and about in Malibu wearing Heritage 1981 acid wash denim jacket, a sunny yellow Topshop dress, and nude Urban Outfitters sandals [right].

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

OPI "I Don't Give a Rotterdam" Swatch + Review

 two coats, natural light

This summer OPI launched their Dutch Collection and I was a little underwhelmed. The colors were nice but the only shade that really caught my eye was "I Don't Give a Rotterdam"--and not only because of it's cute name. It is the prettiest shade of soft, blue with lots of silver shimmer. The shimmer isn't too much but it is definately noticeable on the nail. So much so that a few of the people thought this color was silver on the nail--even though in the bottle the blue color is a bit more obvious. It goes on lovely and after I picked this color up half-way through the summer is has easily become one of my most worn polishes.

You might be wondering, If this color was one of your most worn colors in the summer why are we only just now seeing a swatch? And that is a valid question. Long story short, I took the pictures before I left for Hawaii but they got lost in my computer and I found them recently--after I'd taken another set of photos. It really is a gorgeous color. I also had my eye on "I Have a Herring Problem" which was a darker, dustier version of this color in the Dutch Collection but I couldn't justify buying both colors. They were way too similar. I'm a bit surprised that OPI put them in the same collection.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about picking up this color--buy it! It reminds me a lot of Essie "Lapis of Luxury" but with shimmer. If you like that color, I think you'll really like this one too!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybelline "Fifth Ave. Fuchsia" Lipstick Swatch + Review

I have done quite a few Maybelline product reviews, haven't I? But "Fifth Ave. Fuchsia" is a very bright, bold shade. It is so different than any of the other Maybelline lipsticks that I've swatched. I have so many complaints about Maybelline lipsticks. Here's a quick run through [skip if you've already heard this]: the product isn't protected from contamination in the store, it is impossible to distinguish finish unless you open up the lipsticks, and the pakaging is a bit ehh. 

But the good things? The pigmentation is great and they smell quite nice too. My sister and I picked out this particular shade because it reminded us of one of the lipsticks Selena Gomez wore in her Love You Like a Love Song video that came out AGES ago. We thought it would be super pretty. It is an exact dupe for a Revlon lipstick in the shade "Fuchsia". I would get the Maybelline lipstick--it is cheaper, I can see no descernable difference in the product when swatched although the Revlon packaging is a bit nicer. It is quite loud and I don't find myself reaching for this product very often. Pity because it is really pretty.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

OPI "Mermaid Tears" Swatch + Review

 two coats, nautral light

Summer is coming to an end but I'm not quite ready to switch to the darker nail polishes I tend to associate with the fall months. Here is a gorgeous color that I recently re-found in my collection. It was released with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released AGES ago. At the time I liked the color but I was more obsessed with "Sparrow Me the Drama". You can take a peak at the swatches I posted when they were first released. Warning. They were horrible. I was still learning how to swatch.

"Mermaid Tears" is a beautiful dusty blue-green color. And know that I've seen the movie, I think the name is so cute. Ever since I first saw The Little Mermaid, I've been a little been a little obsessed with mermaids. This color isn't available anymore--it was limited edition--but Chine Glaze "For Audrey" is a surprisingly close dupe. "For Audrey" isn't as dusty and it is certainly more blue but it is very close.

Another, up close shot. It really is a gorgeous color. I don't understand why I haven't been wearing this color all summer. I just went back-to-school shopping this past weekend and I saw this color EVERYWHERE. Forever 21. American Eagle. H&M. Minty-blue-green shirts/pants/sweaters were at all those stores. Even though I didn't get to wear it that much during the summer, I do think I'll be able to rock into in the fall months.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revlon "Nude Attitude" Lipstick Swatch + Review

Ah, nude lipsticks.  I have a love-hate relationship with nude lipsticks. I bought my first nude lipstick--well, technically I didn't buy it but I'll talk about that later--and it was "Myth" from MAC. I heard so many beauty bloggers raving about nude lips and I thought I would give it a go. But I didn't really know how to wear it and I quickly disregarded it as something that I simple couldn't wear.

But then I started watching ThePersianbabe on Youtube. And she would always RAVE about nude lips and Revlon "Nude Attitude" was one of her favorites. So I thought that I'd simply gotten the wrong nude for my skin tone. I bought "Nude Attitude" and wore it with a bit of lip gloss and I loved it. I tried "Myth" and I loved that one as well. It's weird to see how your taste changes as you get older. Right now, I'm in a phase where I like a nude lip but I don't wear it as often as I used to.

 Now onto the review! Sorry for that long and entirely unnecessary narrative. It has a matte finish--love that Revlon puts the finish on the bottom of the tube. It is very creamy and smooth on the lips, although be sure exfoliate your lips beforehand. The packaging is clean and attractive. I find that it looks a little odd when I wear it alone so I wear a lip gloss over it. Helps me look a little less dead--which is almost always good in my opinion. It is one of my favorite Revlon lipsticks. Also, don't be intimidated by how brown it looks in the tube. The actual color of the product is much lighter, trust me.

Here's a quick comparison for you. Revlon "Nude Attitude" is on the left and MAC "Myth" on the right. As you can see, "Myth" is certainly more pink based and it is more opaque and has a creamier/glossier consistency. But they both work equally as well. I have a soft spot in my heart for "Myth" because it was my first ever lipstick that I got from the back to Mac program. It even has an ugly BM at the bottom to prove it. But I truly think that "Nude Attitude" is the one I would repurchase.

It is cheaper and once I put them on the lips it's a bit hard to distinguish between the two but I'm not really a nude lipstick connoisseur. These are the only ones I own. I find that the lasting power is about the same with both products and although the MAC one is a bit glossier, I hardly ever wear a nude lip without a lip gloss on top so it's not really an issue. I say save some money and buy the Revlon! Plus, I think the name is so much more cooler. After watching Barbara's videos I can't say it without a British accent. Nude Attitude!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Street Style

 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out in New York City. Jennifer is wearing a Rick Owens leather jacket, simple black top, wide brown belt, light-wash denim jeans, khaki lace-up shoes, and black fedora. Justin is waring dark sunglasses, a black leather jacket, simple black top, black denim jeans, and black shoes [left].

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out for a movie date in Hollywood. Jennifer is wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, Tom Ford handbag, striped scarf, tailored black jacket, dark-wash skinny jeans, and Michael Kors wedge booties. Justin is wearing a simple black fedora, a black leather jacket, black zip-up hoodies, black skinny jeans, and black shoes [righ].

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out in London for dinner. Jennife is weaing bold statement earrings, a nude clutch, Alexander McQueen belted dress, and Gucci spiked heels. Justin is wearing a white button-up shirt, skinny black tie, a black tailored jacket, wide belt, and black pants [left].

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out to dinner in New York City. Jennifer is wearing a long black coat, knitted grey scarf, simple white top, wide brown belt, army green pants, Tom Ford handbag, and Alexander Wang booties. Justin is wearing a black fedora, a tailored leather jacket, simple black zip-up hoodies, black skinny jeans,and lace-up boots [right].

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Nicole By OPI "Kim-Pletely in Love" Swatch + Review

 five coats, natural light

I am slowly working my way through all the Kardashian Kolors Nail Polish Collection. I didn't think I was going to like this polish--and it had nothing to do with the fact that Kim is my least favorite Kardashian sister. Okay, maybe it did. But once I put it on I saw how pretty it is. It is a beautiful baby pink shade. So natural. But not easy. This polish took SO many coats. I wrote about that it took five coats but I honestly don't know. I lost count after four and I'm just guessimating. It was a challenge.

It is easier to see in this swatch but this color has the most subtle blue shimmer to it. It isn't too obvious but it is a special little accent to a color that I've seen before. I added a top coat and this color NEVER dried. I know it is because I applied so many coats but even after five or six hours it was still semi-wet. It was impossible for me not to mess up my nails. I changed the color the next day.

I don't think that that was a problem with a formulation, I just know from experience that many light pink nail polishes are extremely sheer and require a ton of coats. I just would recommend using a product like OPI's Drip Dry or make sure that each coat is dry before applying the next one. Nicole by OPI polishes retail for around $7 at Wal-Mart or which makes them a cheaper option than many other shades that are very similar from Essie or OPI. It is a beautiful and more affordable option. Just be careful during application.

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FTC: This polish was sent to me for review.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MAC "Milan Mode" Lipstick Swatch + Review

Another MAC lipstick review?! I'm sure no one saw that coming. I am slowly making my way through all of my MAC lipsticks. This is the newest addition to my collection. And I am in L-O-V-E. I don't care who knows. I was eyeing "Milan Mode" for about three weeks before I finally caved and bought it. I'm really into bright lipsticks lately. It is a lustre--which is my favorite MAC lipstick formulation. No suprise there.

What is surprising is that I chose a lipstick with glitter. The glitter isn't too noticable from a distance--sawy a foot or two--but up close it is. Which normally I would hate...but I kind of like it. You can see it sort of in the picture above. 

It is a very pretty blue-based purple/pink shade. Actually, it is very similar to another MAC lipstick that I recently reviewed, "Lustering". Of course "Lustering" doesn't have the shimmer but it is also a bit more peachy. I think that shade would be falttering for more people but I really was drawn to the glitter in "Milan Mode". I honestly don't think you need both but I...I don't have an excuse. I should have gotten something else but I can't seem to make myself regret the purchase.

What is your favorite MAC lipstick? I'm on the hunt and I would love to hear your suggestions! Chat with me on twitter! Check out my new book review!
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