Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stella McCartney in Vogue Magazine

If you open the current issue of Vogue and flip through the pages, you'll notice Stella McCartney gracing the shiny, glossy pages. Inside is an article about Stella's country estate that is currently under renovation. Well, it has been for quite some time. Try six years.

The place is completely stunning. It focuses mainly on the Anniversary Garden that McCartney received as anniversary present from her husband in 2009.

The beautiful Stella McCartney.

Plum leaf cherry plum tree provides shade for the grass below [left]. A view of the Anniversary Garden and the land outside its walls [right].

McCartney straddling her horse Flo Jo.

A tepee by the lake, surrounded by willow trees.

A brick path, lined on either side by Tulips, leads out of the Anniversary Garden.

McCartney with her horse, Flo Jo, dressed in a over sized white tee and light wash jean cut offs.

McCartney enjoying a cup of tea and cupcakes with a feathery companion.

McCartney's daughter inspecting Wellies. Not quite sure if they'll fit though.

Hide and go seek. Where did Stella go?

Wisteria climbs the outside wall of McCartney's country estate. Red, Stella's dog, sits in the bulldozer observing his surroundings.

Pick up the latest issue of Vogue, November 2010, to read the whole story and see all the pictures. What did you think of Ms. McCartney's country estate? Leave thoughts and questions in the comments below.


  1. So. Pretty. I love this so much!
    xo Josie

  2. YOUR BLOG IS FANTASTIC. OMG !! I love it. ^^ I'm your new follower. If you want, pass to look my blog and then you follow me.

    Kisses from Spain(K)

  3. These are so pretty! They remind me of a fairy tale or something.


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