Thursday, July 21, 2011

8 Ways to Wear Light Denim

Everyone knows that dark-wash is extra slimming. That is why it is so popular among women. We don't want to look bigger than we are and that is why we have been taught that dark denim is our friend. Lately, there have been many fashionistas finally deciding to buck that rule and start wearing light-wash denim freely.

Jayma Mays in a sequined skirt and denim button-up [left] and Jessica Szhor in a draped mini with a jean jacket [right].

Denim is such a work-man's fabric that an easy way to dress it up is shiny and fun sequin. It is the juxtaposition of necessity and want. A truly dark denim would've looked too harsh with the light gold color. Jessica is proving that jean jackets are not a project of the 90's. She adds a modern twist with her modern mini and black clutch.

Rashida Jones in a jean jacket and black capri [left] and Drew Barrymore in a belted long white skirt and jean button-up top [right].

Rashida adds a jean jacket to keep her look casual and it is styled perfectly with her detailed pumps and tailored capri pants. She tossed her hair up in a bun, suggesting an air of messiness. Drew looks like a breath of fresh tropical air in this billowing white skirt. She looks like she would be more at home on a beach than in the concrete jungle of New York. The dark chocolate  belt is a beautiful contrast to the light colors of her top and skirt.

Whitney Port in cuffed boyfriend jeans, a printed blazer, and white tee [left] and Blake Lively in a sequined skirt, belt, and denim shirt [right].

Light wash denim looks best in a slightly loose fitting pant. It is meant to look slouchy and un-put together. Whitney dresses it up a bit with structural heels and fitted blazer. Blake takes a casual denim shirt and keeps it casual with the messy knotted belt and shirt peeking from the bottom of her skirt but her sleek booties and sparkly skirt add class. This outfit surprisingly fits in both categories. 

 I just got the Glee Christmas Album and I'm so excited! :) My favorite song has got to be God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Acapella [spelling?] music is my favorite. Thank you guys for reading!


  1. I ADORE mixing chambray and sequins -- I love the look so much!
    xo Josie

  2. Hehe, I just used that Blake Lively picture in a post of mine the other day!
    I do like light denim on top, not on bottom though!


  3. love all of them except for blake lively=shirt is way too long! and drew barrymore=too much. So cute with sequins tho! and jessica Szhor's is so cute!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love Blake's look, I just think the belt was a little bit too much.


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