Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Style Highlights: Emma Watson

Emma Waston in Oscar de la Renta [left] and Marchesa [right].

This is a princess dress if I've seen one. I can't put into words how stunning she looks in this dress. The large tool skirt, on some girls, could've easily looked overwhelming and too showy but somehow Emma is able to shine through even with short hair. The beaded bodice is an excellent addition. This look is perfection!

Sleek, modern, and fresh. This Marcheas gown doesn't steal the show away from the nominees but it does make a statement. The fringe detailing at the shoulder and the beading at the neckline demand attetion. She takes a chance by pairing the look with super chic silver pumps to match the detailing of her mini.

Emma Waston in Vionnet [left] and Ossie Clarke [right].

This dress was a complete departure from anything we'd ever seen Emma wear before. It is dark and moody and stunning. The velvet fabric adds texture and demension to an otherwise simply cut dress. A bold hair cut and even bolder makeup choices transition this look from ordinary to stand-out. A tribal inspired necklace and classic pumps complete the look.

So simple and etherial. Emma looks so sweet and innocent in this flowing gown from Ossie Clarke. the pattern is so subtle that at first glance it almost doens't register. She doesn't need bold accessories for this look but I adore the simple, and subtle, red headband she chose to wear in her hair. Emma's makeup is simple and fresh. Beautiful!

What do you think of Emma's style? Which look is your favorite. Tell me in the comments bellow. Come chat with me on twitter! Check out my second blog!

Photos courtesy of instyle.co.uk


  1. Oh wow, i just saw harry potter last night. I've always loved her style. She manages to pull off everything she wears!

  2. not sure i understand your "even with short hair comment" as if girls with short hair dont usually "shine through". Im sure you didn't mean anything by it, but I have short hair and I'm sure alot of your other readers do too. Maybe just watch what you say? Or write I guess :) Your blog is quite nice btw!

  3. always admired her style, the first dress is the best i think i love it <3

  4. Oh i love Emma Waston ^^ beautiful )

  5. I ADORE that first gown! Beautiful.
    xo Josie

  6. I really love Emma's style. (Although I can't stand the haircut! Loved her look for the HP7P2 premiere!

  7. A fan of your blogJuly 21, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    She looks fabulous in anything! You forgot to add the dress she wore to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere. It was stunning!


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