Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexa Chung's Street Style

Alexa Chung has risen in the ranks of my style inspiration. She's fun and modern. Not afraid to take chances. But her taste level is quite outstanding and she makes her risks work. Not exactly easy. :)

She easily tops best dressed lists both in the UK and US. But if you want to know why Alexa considers Williamsburg her lover and London her husband, check out this video on Plus you'll get some tips on what to do when you're vintaging.
What do you think of her style?
Alexa Chung in military jacket and jean cuttoffs [left] and polka-dot dress and leather jacket [right].

Alexa mixes the soft and the tough together wonderfully. The off-white lace top balances the masculine, oversized military jacket. Her light-washed jeans  and sandals paired over socks keeps the look casual and young. She is not afraid to show skin but she keeps the look classy by not showing too much.

Alexa is mixing tough and soft again. Biker jacket equals tough while the polka dot dress is a touch of innocence and youth. Who says polka-dots are for little girls? The cut is fairly simple as not to compete with the semi-loud print. The cut-out booties make the outfit fashion rather than pretty girl in cute dress. They're fashion forward and edgy.

Alexa Chung in silver brocade shorts and an oversized cardigan [left] and plaid dress layred under a black peacoat [right].

A flash of metallics every once and a while is completely warranted. The silver brocade shorts sparkle as she leaves the MTV's Times Square Studio. The rest of her outfit is kept simple as to keep from competing with a truly extraordinary piece. Next, he plaid dress--by itself--would have been a little too much plaid. Wether its her confidence or her peacoat, one thing is for sure, she looks stunning. A prefect look for roaming New York City in style.
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  1. Her style is just as amazing as herself!!

  2. I LOVE her style; she's always so chic and pulled-together.
    xo Josie

  3. I adore her style, and she's such a great model too. That first outfit is my favorite - something I would wear!


  4. Hmm, Alexa Chung's starting to get on my nerves, but I do like the way she dresses. The last outfit's pretty cute.


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