Friday, July 29, 2011

Dakota Fanning's Street Style

Dakota Fanning, Homecoming Queen as well as celebrated actress. She was semi-recently given her crown at a crowded football game for her high school, Campbell Hall High School, home of the Vikings. But not only does does Dakota sparkle on the red carpet. She also has super chic, slightly rocker, style.

Dakota Fanning in a long sleeve graphic tee and black boots/jeans [left]. Dakota Fanning in a leopard print jacket and over-sized scarf [right].

Dakota's simple black velvet booties blend perfectly into her jeans. It's hard to tell exactly where her boots end and her pants begin. Add a graphic tee and the look is complete. Next, Dakota makes a bold statement with her leopard jacket and then keeps it fairly simple on the bottom. The sunnies are stunning, Dakota.

Dakota Fanning in a wheat pancho, beige jeans, and leopard print heels [left]. Dakota Fanning in a striped skirt, work booties, and a military inspired jacket [right].

Who knew panchos could look so good? Dakota opts for a mostly minimalistic look on her airplane trip but that punch of red is perfection. Next, she goes a touch more girly-girl with a simple skirt and top. A military inspired jacket and grudge booties give the look much needed grit. Adore.  

I hope your weekend was great! Mine was. Christmas lights are up outside. :) I feel so merry and bright! What about you? Feeling the Holiday cheer yet?


  1. She's so cute and chic -- she's grown up so much!
    xo Josie

  2. great style for being so young!

  3. I love how she can do it all, fame and high school. And look at that fine homecoming king. Yum!

  4. I love her! Shes amazing, I wish I went to her school =)
    I think her style is amazing, her clothes are awesome!

  5. I'm starting to like her a bit more! Loving her style--she does wear the poncho well.

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