Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OPI Sparrow Me the Drama Swatch + Review

This is the nail polish I put on after I removed Essie's Van D'Go. I liked this one MUCH better. It a sweet muted purplish-pink. It is the color I thought Essie's Splash of Grenadine was going to be. Putting on this polish has made me remember why I love OPI so much. The brushes are large and fantastic! The formulation is always fantastic.

I have done a swatch of this nail polish before. OPI sent this to me as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. Click here to see swatches for the entire collection! Not to sound arrogant, but I love how my nails look. They look so good in these photos. Normally whenever I do swatches, my nails are stubs. I don't normally bite my nails but whenever I'm in a high pressure situation [failing my AP Physics test] they tend to disappear before I notice that they're gone.


  1. Your nails do look great! And that color is really pretty.

  2. I love OPI for the same reasons!

  3. This is a lovely color! I've been thinking of buying it but now I'm sure I will!

    Thank you for this post!



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