Friday, November 15, 2013

Drugstore Dupes: MAC "Darkside" Lipstick vs. Maybelline "Blissful Berry" Lipstick

Drugstore Dupe: MAC "Darkside" vs. Maybelline "Blissful Berry"
Who doesn't love a good bargain and a great lipstick? MAC has some of the best lipsticks on the market but they're pricey. In August I published a post featuring a drugstore dupe for the popular MAC lipstick in the shade, "Lustering". Click here if you haven't seen it.  But it was very popular so I'm back with another drugstore dupe post but this time I'm writing about a fall favorite--"Darkside". 

In the bullet these two shades look nothing alike. "Darkside" looks like a deep, intense purple shade. A color that is extremely intimidating. While "Blissful Berry" looks like a lighter, berry color. I recently picked up the Maybelline lipstick because I thought it didn't look like anything in my collection. Yeah. I was wrong about that. Lipsticks in the bullet can be very deceiving.

When you swatch them on the back of the hand you can begin to see how similar the two shades actually are. They're both deep berry, burgundy shades with a cream finish. Although, right away, you can tell that the MAC lipstick has a more opaque and creamier finish.

Here are the two shades applied to my lips, side by side. Even in this final swatch you can see that "Darkside" is a tad bit more opaque. This is especially noticeable on the top lip, near my cupid's bow. But, all things considering, the two lipsticks are extremely similar. 

Other subtle differences include consistency and scent. The MAC lipstick is, as expected considering the price, a lot creamier in consistency. It also has that nice vanilla smell. However, the Maybelline lipstick retails for around $7.50 (depending on where you buy it). That is half the price of a MAC lipstick. If you're looking for a bold, berry color this fall and you don't want to spend too much, Maybelline's "Blissful Berry" is a wonderful choice.


  1. Great review, now you've inspired me to splurge on a berry coloured lipstick (mischievous giggle) :P

  2. This is a great review! I've been wanting to find a MAC dupe for ages as well as looking for a berry lipstick for the fall. Thank you so much for helping me create a slightly smaller dent in my checkings! haha


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