Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Street Style

After many years and long speculation, the engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton has been announced. Kate's saphire and diamond ring, had once belonged to Princess Diana when Prince Charles had proposed to her in the 1980's. The couple are said to be wed in 2011, only a year before the Olympics are to be held in London.

Prince William was said to have proposed Kate, soon to be Princess Catherine, on a private safari last month in Kenya. Kate Middleton is also known as a bit of a fashion icon. Her face has graced the pages of countless Best Dressed Lists including People Magazine, Vanity Fair,, and many more.

She likes simple clothing with clean lines. And, of course, in good British fashion, whimsical hats for special occasions. With a royal engagement, there has been much talk about the details of the big day: where will it be? Who will be invited? And most importantly, what is she--and everyone else--going to wear? This is a fashion blog after all.

While there is no doubt that Kate looks beautiful in a dress, the soon-to-be Queen has great street style as well. And most of you know how much I adore British style. I wish the couple all the happiness. They're so sweet together. Below is a video in the couple's first interview after they announced their engagement. Enjoy.


  1. She always looks so chic. What a beautiful couple!
    xo Josie

  2. When I heard they got engaged,I was like,"Finally!"

  3. It took him long enough, haha! But I agree, she is absolutely gorgeous, and I wish them a happy marriage, too.

  4. I like her style- simple and classy. They are so cute together :)

  5. It must feel so strange and amazing at the same time to be wearing and owning Diana's engagement ring...!!


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