Friday, July 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Street Style

Kim Kardashian recently crossed the pond to promote Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the European continent. I love this show. I'm a sucker for reality TV. What can I say?

But I love Kim's style. She always looks classy, sleek, and modern. :) What did you think of the looks she sported in Europe.

On the left Kim is leaving her hotel in Paris. Her Hermes bag is stunning. I wish I could afford an Hermes bag but I don't that will be happening any time soon. Not with me going to college next year. But the thought is nice. And on the right Kim is enjoying a scoop of ice cream with her mom, Kris.

Kim's studded shoes are insane. :) If I wore something like that to my school people wouldn't understand. A lot of them think high fashion is Juicy Couture or Hollister. I'm so different from some of my friends. Random tangent. Sorry.

Do you or did you go to a high school like off Gossip Girl? Where everyone was dressed to perfection everyday?

The Kardashians in Milan. I'm so excited for Milan Fashion Week. I already posted about Versace and D&G. But I'm in heaven during fashion week. :) But Kim loves to show off her long legs in short hems. But she always looks so effortless.

On the right Kim and Kris are still in Milan but she opted to wear animal print as she decided to enjoy Germany. That white dress is so stunning. White is classic and timeless. And her nude pumps just make her legs appear elongated. And now we know that Kim and Larry King are one of the few people able to make suspenders work. :) Good to know.

I'm off to celebrate my Dad's birthday. :) Have a great week!

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Photos courtesy of Instyle


  1. Really good post with amazing outfits!! Thanks to you I'm a new fan of Kim!!

  2. stylish indeed!!! i love her shoes,too!!!

  3. Did you know that bag in the first picture cost $30,000? Haha, read that on another blog. I can't imagine Hollister as couture!

  4. Kim is so gorgeous. I swear that girl could wear a paper sack and make it look fierce! Sigh. Must be nice! Lol.

    I I went to high school in the late nineties/early 2000s and everyone dressed in Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirts and jeans. I wore dresses every day and I was ridiculously out of place. Nice to know times have changed, even though I'm not there to enjoy it. Lol.

  5. I really like the outfit with the black suspender skirt and beige pumps!

    "Do you or did you go to a high school like off Gossip Girl? Where everyone was dressed to perfection everyday?"

    If anyone says yes, I would love to meet them! I was probably the most dressed up person at my high school. Everyone else wore sweatpants, tees, and hoodies. Jeans were like, their Sunday best. Ugh. Bad memories!

  6. kim kardashian does have great style...but i sometimes think it's too classy for me..i love them nerdy and bohemian stuff..hehehe.

    and yes, it would never hurt to own an hermes bag..LOL

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. She does always look so sleek and chic. And I know exactly what you mean about high school... My middle school was all about Abercrombie and Hollister, though high school meant a lot of Uggs, 7 for All Mankind, and Coach. Love it.
    xo Josie

  8. I prefer the last two looks of her the most - sometimes I feel a bit mixed about her outfits.

    Haha no I never went to a school like oln GG - we had uniforms, then seventh form was mufti but we mostly wore jeans, singlets and hoodies/cardigans!

  9. she always has the best fashion taste! i love her bag too. its so pretty!

    i never noticed how much black she wears though...

  10. college is the same way lol people expect you to dress "bummy" just because but its easier to dress up however you want because no one really cares THAT MUCH.

    Kim always looks amazing I totally admire her sleek chic style!

  11. Love her, she always looks amazing!

  12. Not a big fan of hers but I have to say, she looks great!



  13. i really like her!! she is so beautiful! wonderful styled woman!have a nice week!

  14. I really like these looks especially that first picture with the Hermes bag!

  15. She looks lovely, and so does her bag of course ;)

  16. Kim's amazing. I know I should pay more attention to the clothes, but the highlights are just...perfect. xD I hope your dad has a great birthday <33

  17. I love KK's curves and how she manages to usually look sexy but sophisticated.

    Seen her a few times too, shes so nice and always poses for pics :)



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