Friday, July 15, 2011

Miley Cyrus + Frye Engineer Boots

Lately Miley Cyrus has been seen around wearing these adrobale Frye Engineer Boots. They seem to add a hard edge to any outfit and Miley makes them work whether she's wearing jeans and leather jacket or a simple black dress with funky tights.

Did I mention that I really like her tights? And her faux fur Michael Kors vest? Simply stunning!
In London. Wearing Frye Engineer Boots, Roberto Cavalli Tiresia Cunglasses, Gucci Icon Bit Medium Boston Bag, Michael by Michael Kors Faux Coyote Fur Vest, Citizens of Humanity Shredded Skinny Stretch Jeans.

In New York on Sex & the City Set. Wearing Frye Engineer Boots, American Apparel Cresent Pattern Fishnets, Jimmy Choo Marina Messegner Bag, Unknown Leather Jacket and Black Dress.

Heading to her Hotel in Backpool. Wearing Frye Engineer Boots, Stoney Clover Lane Luck & Love Bracelets, Topshop Leopard Print Faux Fur coat, Giorgio Armani Calf-Chevron Print Tote.

Out in Paris. Wearing Frye Engineer Boots, Roberto Cavalli Tiresia Sunglasses, Giorgio
Armani Calf-Chevron Print Tote, and Doma Cropped Washed Leather Biker Jacket.

Anyway, I was so obsessed with these boots I went online and I tried to find them. And I did! Oh, I was so excited. They're $188 dollars and that's a lot of money. The only way I can get them would be if I saved up my birthday money. Which is about five months away.

I was so bummed! But oh, well. If I don't love them in five months, they probably weren't worth the money anyway. Here's a link to the Frye website and the Frye Engineer Boots in Black.

Apparently this brand was featured in O magazine. So they must be a reputable brand. I mean Oprah doesn't put just anyone in her magazine. :)

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  1. Haha, this is how I know I'm an old fart with bills to pay and a steady paycheck... When you said $188, I was like "oh heck yea!!" I thought they would be closer to $300. But totally agree, at your age, totally non-doable! Heck, before my last promotion, NOT-DOABLE! Not even for Christmas/birthday, my parents don't spend that kind of dough on one item! But here's fingers crossed for you! :)

    These boots are hot. This is what I'm talking about! Love the boots! I already have a few pairs of Frye's...wondering how many is "too many" Fryes?

    BTW, your second photo said "on the set of Sex in the City." Is Miley in the next movie? What was that about?

    Not sure about the faux vest, this one photo doesn't give me enough to judge! :0

    PS. One thing I've learned (I'll part my wisdom in old age to you) is that I totally 110% agree with you. If you don't want them a week, a month later, you didn't really NEED them. So yes, if when you're birthday comes and you totally forgot about them, you made a wise decision! I do that all the time with clothing. I say no for the moment, then say "if you're still thinking about it in a week, two weeks, whatever, then we'll go back and get it." Let's just say, it's about 1 in 10 when we go back and get it!

    Why is this the longest comment EVER!?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The boots are so nice and Frye is a great brand. Saving up for them will surely be worth it! Or you could probably find a great copy of the boots somewhere for less - shop around.

    I do really like the first pic of Miley - her outfit is so chic.

  3. I usually refer to those as motorcycle boots. Those are cute, but wayyy pricey.

  4. Those boots are definitely too expensive for me to even touch! They are nice though. I've been loving engineer boots lately.

  5. Thank you! Yep, I love Federer and he has to win! :)

    Also, those boots are so lovely! I guess $188 is around £120? That's not too bad for real leather boots and I'm sure you'd be able to save up for them if you really liked them. :D

    Chloe xxx

  6. I agree, 1st outfit - so hott while not trying too hard.

  7. Obsessed with these! Love the Frye boots...always have!


  8. I just want to say thank you for your sweet comment! I hope one day my blog can be as successful as yours! xo T


  9. miley's style is just such an inspiration. lol! amazing<3

  10. I hope you manage to get them! :)

  11. Thanks for the comment. Nice blog :):)

  12. I'm sure you could find some motorbike boots somewhere else for a bit cheaper? They're nice though!! I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus - I like how she's a normal-sized (as opposed to anorexically small) girl, but I don't see her as a huge inspiration. Some of her looks are good though!

  13. For some reason those look really comfy to me. Very cute.

  14. I hate her, but I love her boots.

    Thanks for your comment!

  15. i loveee those boots! ohmygod i've been trying to find the perfect motorcycle boots forever. once you get them please let me know if they're any good. i don't really like miley cyrus but i think that her artistic abilities have been smothered by disney. i just wish we could see the artistic musical side of this girl.

    check me out!

  16. She looks amazing but I'm not really a fan of the boots! Personally I wouldt choose for the Frye Harness 12 R boots, just adore these ones! <3

  17. Frye is really a reputable brand... it's one of those legendary brands. I love their boots but yes, they are quite expensive.

  18. I like those boots... but I don't really like miley ;P

    anyway, I've recently started a blog (it's 3 weeks old) and would love it if you dropped by and checked it out. <3

  19. Frye boots are the best. It's worth the price.


  20. Fryes are a great brand. They're a little too expensive for me though!

  21. Oh I love her style (shameful considering that I'm a lot older than her! Lol) and I love those boots.
    I have some similar to that style and I love em :) xx

  22. I own a pair of Frye boots and am thinking of buying these as well. If you put into consideration that these boots are made to last unlike most boots the price doesn't seem so pricey. Frye boots will last you a good 20 years and they're awesome!


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