Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OPI "Polka...Com" Swatch + Review

OPI "Polka...Com"
"Polka...Com", other than having the cleverest name out of any of the polishes in the new OPI Euro Centrale collection released a few months ago, is also the most unique polish I picked up from the collection. While "You're Such A BudaPest", "Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!", "OPI...Eurso Euro", and "Can't Find My Czechbook" were lovely colors, they were also all very dupable. They were all beautiful colors with cream finishes. Nothing so unique that these colors would be impossible to find anywhere else. I loved all of the colors from this collection but I am realistic enough to acknowledge that fact. "Polka...Com", on the other hand, is like nothing I've ever seen in stores before. Yes, this chunky glitter polish is quite popular but this color combination of blue, pink, teal, and purple is beautifully unique (with the added bonus of almost perfectly matching any of the colors from the Euro Centrale collection I listed above). This color is buildable but it would take six or seven coats to get a completely opaque finish--although this often leads to chipping within a couple days of application. Instead, I recommend wearing a cream finish polish with a few coats of this color on top.


  1. Hmm, nice, but I think it looks better with some opaque color under it. I saw you reviewed a lot of shades from Euro Centrale, you must have all the collection then :D. I have till now Opi...Eurso Euro and Want to bite my neck? from this collection and I love them.


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