Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CoverGirl "Coral Twist" Jumbo Gloss Balm Swatch + Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed two of the new CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balms in the shades "Ballet Twist" and "Watermelon Twist". I was torn about my overall opinion of the range--I liked "Watermelon Twist" but was unimpressed with "Ballet Twist". And so, because I have no self-control whenever I walk into a Target, I bought two more shades so that I could further flesh out my opinion. 

My thoughts on the packaging have not changed. It is nice but nothing special (but that is just my humble opinion). 

CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Coral Twist"
Here is the color swatched on the back of my hand. It is a lovely bright coral color--perfect for spring and summer. It applies easily but it is neither a gloss nor a balm. I talked about this in my past reviews but the finish on this lip product is more similar to a satin or luster. And while it feels moisturizing on the lips, I would never describe it as a balm. The title is very misleading and, quite frankly, I'm disappointed with CoverGirl. 

But that being said, after trying out four shades from this range, I have to admit that I do like the formulation. And I'm not alone because I have heard a lot of great things about these bad boys all over the internet. However, the colors are very hit or miss. "Watermelon Twist" and "Blush Twist are perfect colors for everyday wear. But "Ballet Twist" was too light and while "Coral Twist" is a lovely shade when I first apply, it quickly becomes a bit of a mess. 

CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Coral Twist"
As you can see in the swatch above, the product likes to collect in the crevices of my lips--and unfortunately, accentuating any dryness in the process. It is noticeable at first (unless you look really, really close) but with "Coral Twist" and "Ballet Twist", these colors fade in such a patchy, ungraceful manner and in the end the collection of the product in my lip crevices become very noticeable. And as a result, my lips look very dry. The drying effect can be avoided if  you moisturizing thoroughly before applying. It will also be less of a problem as the temperature warms up during the hot summer months. But still, I can't help but be disappointed. This is supposed to be a product that is effortlessly moisturizing--a lip color and lip balm in one product. I haven't found this to be much a problem when I wear either "Watermelon Twist" or "Blush Twist".

The lasting power of the Jumbo Gloss Balm range isn't impressive. The satin-like sheen disappears well within the hour mark and the product is literally undetectable by hour three. I will not be repurchasing this shade but there are other shades from the range that I really love. These Jumbo Gloss Balms are a bit hit or miss--so I recommend that you do your research before buying one. 


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