Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revlon "Nude Attitude" Lipstick Swatch + Review

Ah, nude lipsticks.  I have a love-hate relationship with nude lipsticks. I bought my first nude lipstick--well, technically I didn't buy it but I'll talk about that later--and it was "Myth" from MAC. I heard so many beauty bloggers raving about nude lips and I thought I would give it a go. But I didn't really know how to wear it and I quickly disregarded it as something that I simple couldn't wear.

But then I started watching ThePersianbabe on Youtube. And she would always RAVE about nude lips and Revlon "Nude Attitude" was one of her favorites. So I thought that I'd simply gotten the wrong nude for my skin tone. I bought "Nude Attitude" and wore it with a bit of lip gloss and I loved it. I tried "Myth" and I loved that one as well. It's weird to see how your taste changes as you get older. Right now, I'm in a phase where I like a nude lip but I don't wear it as often as I used to.

 Now onto the review! Sorry for that long and entirely unnecessary narrative. It has a matte finish--love that Revlon puts the finish on the bottom of the tube. It is very creamy and smooth on the lips, although be sure exfoliate your lips beforehand. The packaging is clean and attractive. I find that it looks a little odd when I wear it alone so I wear a lip gloss over it. Helps me look a little less dead--which is almost always good in my opinion. It is one of my favorite Revlon lipsticks. Also, don't be intimidated by how brown it looks in the tube. The actual color of the product is much lighter, trust me.

Here's a quick comparison for you. Revlon "Nude Attitude" is on the left and MAC "Myth" on the right. As you can see, "Myth" is certainly more pink based and it is more opaque and has a creamier/glossier consistency. But they both work equally as well. I have a soft spot in my heart for "Myth" because it was my first ever lipstick that I got from the back to Mac program. It even has an ugly BM at the bottom to prove it. But I truly think that "Nude Attitude" is the one I would repurchase.

It is cheaper and once I put them on the lips it's a bit hard to distinguish between the two but I'm not really a nude lipstick connoisseur. These are the only ones I own. I find that the lasting power is about the same with both products and although the MAC one is a bit glossier, I hardly ever wear a nude lip without a lip gloss on top so it's not really an issue. I say save some money and buy the Revlon! Plus, I think the name is so much more cooler. After watching Barbara's videos I can't say it without a British accent. Nude Attitude!

Have you ever tried "Nude Attitude"? What did you think? Tell me in the comments! Chat with me on twitter! Check out my second blog!


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