Friday, September 21, 2012

OPI "Mermaid Tears" Swatch + Review

 two coats, nautral light

Summer is coming to an end but I'm not quite ready to switch to the darker nail polishes I tend to associate with the fall months. Here is a gorgeous color that I recently re-found in my collection. It was released with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released AGES ago. At the time I liked the color but I was more obsessed with "Sparrow Me the Drama". You can take a peak at the swatches I posted when they were first released. Warning. They were horrible. I was still learning how to swatch.

"Mermaid Tears" is a beautiful dusty blue-green color. And know that I've seen the movie, I think the name is so cute. Ever since I first saw The Little Mermaid, I've been a little been a little obsessed with mermaids. This color isn't available anymore--it was limited edition--but Chine Glaze "For Audrey" is a surprisingly close dupe. "For Audrey" isn't as dusty and it is certainly more blue but it is very close.

Another, up close shot. It really is a gorgeous color. I don't understand why I haven't been wearing this color all summer. I just went back-to-school shopping this past weekend and I saw this color EVERYWHERE. Forever 21. American Eagle. H&M. Minty-blue-green shirts/pants/sweaters were at all those stores. Even though I didn't get to wear it that much during the summer, I do think I'll be able to rock into in the fall months.

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