Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Reasons to Love Ingrid Nilsen [aka MissGlamorazzi]

1. She would take you DOWN in a dance-off. 

2. Nobody uses hand gestures quite like Ingrid.

3. Her cat Nugget is ADORABLE. I mean, look at that face!

4. She's a total foodie!

5. She's adventurous and willing to try anything once...or twice. 

6. She is a master of the derp face. 

7. She knows how to work her accessories. 

8. Her smile is infectious. 
9. She loves pandas...
Misspandarazzi <3

Like a lot!

10. She is a beauty guru who stresses that beauty is more than flawless skin and perfectly curled hair.
missglamorazzi - Google Search | via Tumblr on We Heart It -

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Leave the reasons you love Ingrid in the comments below! What are the ones I missed? 


  1. She is so sweet! I love everything about her, especially how she is so down to earth :)

  2. I like Ingrid a lot, too! She's one of the first beauty gurus I've been following, and still follow <3 Didn't realize her hand gestures though, haha!

    xx becky /

  3. She is truly adorable! I can see why she is so loved! :)


  4. Oh my God, yes! This is so accurate! I love Ingrid! I love your blog! <3

    Check mine out?

  5. I love her so much! =)

  6. What a great post, that girl has such an adorable and fun spirit! Thanks for sharing and thank you for your lovely comment, xoxo

  7. Ingrid was one of the first beauty gurus we started watching, and honestly the reason we got hooked onto youtube!!


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