Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance Review

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance
 I had so much fun writing my review for the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly fragrance, I went straight to my perfume collection and picked out another scent to review. I chose something that I've had around for a while but haven't talked much about on the blog. Like almost all of the perfumes I won, SJP NYC was a gift from my sister. What attracted me to this scent was NOT the packaging. Because let's be honest, the packaging is really ugly. Carrie Bradshaw would not have let this happen! What happened?

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance
 But thankfully for my decor, the gaudy plastic packaging on the outside can come off to reveal a simple clear bottle on the inside. Unfortunately, the bottle on the inside is rather plain and underwhelming. I don't know who approved the design of the bottle. It's very confusing. 

Sarah Jessica Park SJP NYC Fragrance 
Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance
SJP NYC is such a sweet, whimsical, and youthful scent. Oddly enough, the smell sort of reminds me of something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear while she's walking the streets of New York. The top notes: strawberries, Italian mandarin, and white osmanthus. Middle notes: gardenia, honeysuckle, and mimosa. Bottom notes: rum flavor, sandalwood, creamy musk. 

I've had this fragrance for years but (as you could probably tell from the pictures) I haven't used much of it. It's weird because this is a scent that I love smelling in the bottle but I don't like it as much when I wear it on my skin. Sometimes I spray it in my room but this fragrance doesn't get a lot of use. But I still really love it. I just wished that it mixed with my personal chemistry better. 

And that's the end of my review. It's weird. I've only done a handful of fragrance reviews but lately I've been really, really enjoying writing these. So, I think I'll try to make these types of posts a more regular part of my blog and I'm really excited. 


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