Monday, November 4, 2013

Maybelline "Warm Me Up" Color Sensational Lipstick Swatch + Review

Maybelline Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
During my trip to Portland back in August, I decided to splurge and picked up some makeup goodies from the drugstore. For the past two months I've been testing out the products and I'm finally ready to share my opinion. I'm going to start with one of my favorite Portland purchases, the Maybelline lipstick in the shade "Warm Me Up".  

Maybelline Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
"Warm Me Up" is the first Color Sensational lipstick from the nude section. I normally gravitate towards deep plums or bright reds but I told myself that I had to be practical. So I searched for a color that was nude that wasn't too brown or too light or too pink. You know the drill. In the end I finally settled on this color and I think I made a great choice.  

Maybelline Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
 "Warm Me Up" is a nude color with a slight berry undertone. It's very similar to my own lip color (probably only a shade or two darker) but when I wear it, the color just gives a nice sheen and color to my lips. It somehow just makes me makeup look a bit more complete. 

Maybelline Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
Maybelline Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
Here are the swatches of the product on the back of my hand and my lips. It's such a nice everyday color. There is no shimmer or glitter. Just a nice cream finish. I slap "Warm Me Up" on in the morning and then I can rush out the door. I don't have to worry about it smudging or fading unevenly. It's one of those nice your-lips-but-better lipsticks. It's just fantastic. 

-Lovely everyday nude color
-Price ($6)
-Available at almost all major drugstores
-Smooth application

-Generic chemical smell
-No safety packaging in stores
-Finish of lipstick is not labelled on packaging

In conclusion, I love this lipstick. It's a lovely and effortless. Plus, it's available at the drugstore for around six dollars (depending on where you go). I do have some issues with the Maybelline Color Sensational range of lipsticks (click here to read a more detailed account about those issues) but I still enjoy the lipsticks enough to purchase them. I'm just wary about where and when I buy them. 


  1. This is so perfect for every day or even for an easy night out. Love the formulas of the Maybelline lipsticks too!

  2. What a gorgeous colour! Will definitely have to check this one out :) x

  3. Thank you for sharing! I hope you will continue to have great articles like this to share with everyone!

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