Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MAC "Dame" Blush Swatch + Review

MAC Blush in "Dame"
I knew exactly what I wanted the first time I walked into a MAC store. I remember that I actually had a mental list of my must-have purchases and on that list was the MAC blush in "Dame". Unfortunately, they had sold out of "Dame" but the MAC girl recommended that I try "Well Dressed". Compared to "Well Dressed", "Dame" is a slightly darker and slightly plummier.

MAC Blush in "Dame"
"Dame" is a great everyday color for the entire year but especially for fall and winter. I still love my Sonia Kashuk blushes but the colors that I own are very bright, very summery. Sometimes its nice to go for a bit of an understated look. This blush is very buildable but its sheer enough that its something that you could apply without a mirror. Perfect for my hectic dorm life! In the time since I've gone back to school, I've seriously cut down on my makeup routine. I barely have time to eat much less apply a full face of makeup. But I will always have enough time for "Dame". 

MAC Blush in "Dame"
MAC Blush in "Dame"
Here is the blush swatched on the back of my hand. As you can see, it's quite sheer. This makes it a favorite for MAC starter kits and makeup newbies everywhere. However you can achieve a moderately bold look but it'll take quite a bit of work.

-Sheer but buildable color
-Sleek and modern packaging

-Price ($21)

In conclusion, I'm a big fan of this blush. It's just so easy and so pretty. It gives a natural flush to the cheeks. The only downside is the price. Gosh. How did I justify spending $21 on a blush? I must be insane. least I really, really love it. Right? At least I'm going to get a lot of bang for my buck. I own three other MAC blushes and I have yet to put a huge dent in any of them. Well, except for "Well Dressed" but that's only because I cracked it while I was traveling. So it's not quite the same thing. But maybe "Dame" will be the first. I wouldn't be surprised at the rate that I'm using this stuff. 


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