Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bath & Body Works "S'Mores" Candle Review

Bath & Body Works "S'Mores" Candle
 I know what you're all thinking. Another Bath & Body Works candle review? What? This is the best day ever! And the "S'Mores" candle from Bath & Body Works is one of the best scents ever! And to that, I must say that I agree with you on both counts. No, but seriously, I love this scent. could probably tell from how much of this stuff I've already burned. 

Bath & Body Works "S'Mores" Candle
This candle is marketed as smelling like "layers of gooey marshmallow, melted dark chocolate, and sweet graham cracker". Gosh. That makes me want to eat it! And don't burn this candle if you're hungry because it'll just make you crave s'mores. Or do--but make sure you have some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate on hand. 

Bath & Body Works "S'Mores" Candle
 "S'Mores" is very similar to another Bath & Body Works scent, "Marshmallow Fireside". Which is another one of my favorites. Apparently I just love it when my room smells like the inside of a marshmallow. Who knew? But while "Marshmallow Fireside" does have the noticeable marshmallow smell, "S'Mores" is a little bit more layered with the strong chocolate and graham cracker scent. They're both fantastic. It just depends on my mood which candle I end up burning. "S'Mores" is a sweet scent but it isn't overwhelming like a lot of the more sugary candles from Bath & Body Works. I'm not a big fan of super sweet smells (they can give me a bit of a headache) but I can burn "S'Mores" with no problem. I would definately check this scent out if you're looking for something on the sugary side but don't want your home to smell like its made out of candy. 

Although I'm a bit nervous writing this review. I didn't see this scent the last time I went into Bath & Body Works but I'm hoping that's because this is one of their winter scents. *crossing my fingers* I love this scent and I would hate to find out that it's no longer part of their permanent range. 


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