Thursday, July 19, 2012

Essie "Tart Deco" Swatch + Review

Summer is finally here! And that means bright, bold, look-at-me nail polish. I hope Covergirl doesn't mind me borrowing their ad logo for a bit. But Tarte Deco is a beautiful shade from Essie's permanent line. It is a bright orange--very similar to OPI's Hot and Spicy. I wrote a review last summer saying that I thought that orange nail polish didn't suit my skin tone and that I would leave that color to someone else.
Since then I have changed my mind. This color in certain lights looks like almost a neon orange but in others it looks like a soft, creamscile orange. I like the seemingly versatility of this shade. It went on smooth and easy although it did begin to chip along the edge of the nail rather quickly, like around the two day mark. That was a little disappointing but that is easily fixed by wearing a good top coat-- I was testing out a new one and so far it hasn't impressed.
Lately I have been loving Essie polishes. I hate their brushes but they do make excellent pastels, pales, and bright colors that are simply fantastic. Don't be surprised if there are quite a few Essie posts in the future. 


  1. I love this Essie colour. I'm always tempted to buy it whenever I go shopping.

  2. very cute color!! Loving all the summer colors Essie has been doing!!


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