Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set Review + Pictures

 Last week was the 20th anniversary of my birth and I got a few goodies from my loving family. One of the biggest splurge gifts I got was the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set which is available at Sephora and here at I've been lusting after all of the perfumes available from Marc Jacobs for some time now but Daisy Eau So Fresh has had a special place in my heart. I own it in rollerball form and absolutely love it. My sister told me that my dad had actually attempted to buy this for me for Christmas but had accidentally bought the wrong perfume. Better late than never and I am so stoked that I finally have my hands on this bad boy.  

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Body Lotion + Shower Gel
I know that many of you are probably asking a good question. What will $82.00 get me at Sephora? Well, the gift set comes with a 75 mL Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette perfume. The bottle was the thing that first attracted me to this scent. It is so girly and bold. I might have come for the packaging (which is flawless) but I stayed for the scent. The notes of this perfume are raspberry, grapefruit, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, musks, cedarwood, and plum. This retails for $78.00 on its own. 

The gift set also comes with a 75 mL body lotion and bubbly shower gel. The lotion is light and rubs easily into the skin. The scent isn't very potent and doesn't seem to last very long. For these reasons, I tend to wear the lotion and the perfume at the same time. The body wash has a very silky consistency and is surprisingly more fragrant than the lotion. It's very nice but I feel so strange using such a luxurious bath product that I've only used it one time so that I could write this review (and I used a very small amount). 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Makeup Bag
The last thing you get in the gift set is a medium sized makeup bag. It will easily fit the lotion, the perfume, and the body wash. It is made of a cotton-y material and is lined with a water-resistant material. But honestly, I was a bit disappointed. On the back of the box that the gift set comes in, there is a picture of the makeup bag and it looks like it is made up of  something more durable. The canvas-like material will absorb anything that it will come in contact with (be it makeup or liquids or just everyday grime) and will be difficult to clean--especially since the bag is mainly that oatmeal color. 

But even though I am a little disappointed, it is a nice bag. I love the hardware on the zipper. So elegant and thoughtful. The zipper is smooth and easy to use. It is nice but not as sturdy as I was hoping. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume + Body Lotion
Here are a bunch of pictures of the perfume bottle because I think the Marc Jacobs perfumes are easily some of the best designed packaging on the market. Plus, I've been lusting after this thing for a couple years and in my excitement I got a bit photograph happy. I'm realizing that I probably should have a worn a better outfit when I took these pictures because you can totally see me in the bottle's reflection. Disclaimer: it was like Saturday morning when I took this pictures and I was rocking my PJ's.

-$110 value for $82 
-Smells splendid
-Sleek and girly packaging

-Makeup bag material isn't cleaning friendly + flimsy

In conclusion, I think this gift set (and most gift sets available at Sephora) are an excellent value formoney. The perfume alone cost $78 and for only four dollars more you get body lotion, shower gel, and a cute (if flimsy and hard to clean if you get stains on it) bag. Sign me up! It's really a no brainer if you ask me. If you're not a big fan of Daisy Eau De Fresh, I know that Sephora (and other fragrance retailers like Macy's) have tons of these gift sets and will probably have something more to your taste. I plan on doing a more in depth perfume review in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes peeled but I will see you guys tomorrow with another beauty blog post. If you didn't know, I'm posting everyday this week (Monday through Friday) to make up for the fact that I abandoned my blog as I struggled through finals week. I hope you've been enjoying it so far. Leave suggestions in the comments below and I will see you all next time!


  1. Marc Jacobs perfume bottles are always so pretty! That is a bargain price as well!
    Happy belated birthday! :)


  2. Love this scent! And the bottles are gorgeous :)

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