Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revlon "Ocean Breeze" Scented Nail Polish Swatch + Review

four coats, natural light

Since coming to stay with my cousin I have been painting my nails like CRAZY! She has a pretty impressive nail polish collection and I want to try all of them! I guess nail polish obsessions run in the family. But while she has so many amazing nail polishes in her collection, Revlon "Ocean Breeze" is not one of them. It was hard to work with and when it dried it wasn't smooth and was really, really bubbly/bumpy. I kept adding layers, hoping to cover up the imperfections but that didn't help. Even in the swatch you can kind of see how rough the nail polish applied. I only wore it for one day before I quickly removed it. Plus, this is one of Revlon's scented nail polishes but, personally, it didn't smell very ocean breeze-y. And I would know! Because right now I'm in Hawaii--literally ten minutes from the beach. Instead it reminded me a lot of cleaning supplies. So gross. Thankfully, the smell wasn't too strong. But I warn people. DO NOT BUY THIS NAIL POLISH! The color is super pretty but it is not worth the hassle. That is, unless you like bumpy nail polish. In that case, go right ahead. 

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