Monday, October 14, 2013

OPI Pink of Hearts Duo + Breast Cancer Awareness Month Beauty Products

OPI Pink of Hearts Duo
It is already half way through the month of October and, unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know that you're probably sick and tired of hearing about how important it is to be proactive when it comes to breast cancer but I'm going to say it again--get your yearly mammograms and don't be afraid to check your boobies. It's important. 

This month Ulta (along with a lot of lovely companies) has jumped on the Breast Cancer Awareness train with both feet. I went in to do a bit of birthday shopping for my younger sister and the entire checkout counter was littered with wonderfully pink goodies. I only picked up this set from OPI but there were a ton of options to choose from.

"More Than a Glimmer" + "Pink-ing of You"
The set comes with breast cancer ribbon decals, rhinestones, and two polishes--one a matte, glitter called "More Than a Glimmer" and a cream polished called "Pink-ing of You". The second color isn't really that unique but I'm excited to see what the matte glitter looks like. And like all great Breast Cancer Awareness products, this one has the breast cancer ribbons plastered all over them. I think it's a fantastic addition but its a little bit of a bummer that its only a plastic wrapping around the cap. 

But, as you well know, this isn't the only product out there. It's time to support a great cause and I've compiled a list of my favorite products benefiting Breast Cancer Research this month. 

♥ OPI Pink of Hearts Duo, $15.99
♥ Essie Nail polish in "Pink About It" or "Pink Works", $8

 My mother is a survivor of breast cancer and so this disease really hits close to home. In the fight against breast cancer, early diagnosis is key! If you would like to get more information about self-examinations or where to find free mammogram resources, check out the Check Your Boobies website. It's a wonderful organization and they have so much helpful information. The Susan G. Komen website is also another wonderful resource. If we all donate a little, we can make a big difference. 


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