Monday, August 26, 2013

OPI "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" Swatch + Review

OPI "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" 
 Summer is all about bright, flashy, look-at-me nail polish but sometimes a girl needs a break. As we get closer and closer to fall, I'm starting to long for the darker nail polishes of the colder months. It's still August and I'm not quite ready for shades like OPI "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow" or OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" so I picked a nice transition color. "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" is a lovely medium jade green. 

OPI "Uh-Oh Roll Down the WIndow" 
The application, like every OPI nail polish I've ever used, is a dream. The formulation is thick (but not too thick), opaque in two or three coats, and it is almost guaranteed to last for at least a week when worn with a top coat. This shade was a color that I wore a lot during my freshmen year of college. When I wore it I felt sophisticated and modern--except when anyone asked what color I was wearing, then I conveniently "forgot" the name. I think we can all agree that "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" is probably one of the worst nail polish names in existence. I understand that the theme of the collection was a road trip around America but I don't want my nail polish to be inspired by flatulence. I'm not sure what OPI officials were thinking when they decided on this name. There must have been better options. Right?

But despite the horrible name (and the name is truly horrible), "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" has a special place in my heart and in my nail polish collection. It reminds me of my first year in college when I thought that I knew everything. 

FTC: This polish was sent to me for review. 


  1. Aaahahaha, if they had taken out the "uh oh" part, it would've been a much better name.

  2. Lol that name is ridiculous. Love the color - I have nothing like that in my collection.

  3. Love the name lol The color is too pretty :)

  4. I completely agree with you, I feel bad for admitting it because all I did was whinge for summer and it's bright colours - but I miss my khakis and nudes! This colour is perfect!


  5. love the color
    is amazing


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