Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Spring/Summer Essie Nail Polishes: Favorites + Photos

New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes
In celebration of the end of the school year (and the 20th anniversary of my being alive) I decided that it was time to pick up some nail polishes that would be perfect for the next three months of heat, snow cones, and relaxation. Essie always has the best collections available at the drugstore. I always see them at Target or when I'm flipping through a magazine and I know that I have to have them all. Unfortunately my budget can't handle all buying all ten shades released from Essie in their 2013 Resort and Summer Collections--not to mention all the drool-worthy shades in the Neon Collection. So I picked up three colors. 

New Spring/Summer Essie Nail Polishes: In the Cab-ana, Naughty Nautical, and The More the Merrier
New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
I think my nail polish choices are reflecting my subconscious desire to go to the beach. Wouldn't you agree? The first color I picked up was the light blue cream polish called "In the Cab-ana". I heard so many fantastic things about this polish from bloggers and beauty YouTubers that it would have been impossible for me not to look at it during my next Target run. Spoiler alert: It's a stunning color. You should check it out on your next Target run too. I don't think you'll be disappointed. "In the Cab-ana" was the only color I picked up from the 2013 Resort Collection. The other colors were nice but I felt that I had similar colors in my collection already. 

The next color I picked up was the bright lime green cream polish called "The More the Merrier". It is like nothing I have in my collection (and considering how large my nail polish collection is--that's pretty impressive). I have a few green polishes but they're all dark forest greens. Perfect for fall but for summer I wanted something a bit more daring. In the pictures the color is showing up a bit yellow but in real life I guarantee that it is a true lime green--this would be perfect for any Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Sounders fans out there. Unfortunately it was a gloopy application. And finally, the last color I bought--a medium seaform polish with silver glitter called "Naughty Nautical". This is the only color that I haven't worn and so I can't speak to the consistency of the product but from what I've seen it's a gorgeous color but the glitter isn't that obvious unless you look very, very closely. Which is kind of a bummer. These two shades were both recently released in Essie's 2013 Summer Collection. 

New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
New Spring + Summer Essie Nail Polishes: The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical, and In the Cab-ana
 There are seven more colors that Essie released in their Spring and Summer 2013 Collections but these were the shades that I felt were the most unique. I'm also lusting after "Sunday Funday", "The Girls Out There", and "Rock the Boat" from the Summer 2013 Collection. Summer is long from over, so I might end up picking up a few more colors. You never know. Which nail polishes are you wearing this summer? Leave a comment below! 


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