Friday, May 10, 2013

Sally Hansen "Yellow Kitty" Swatch + Review

Sally Hansen "Yellow Kitty"
It is almost impossible to get a great yellow nail polish. I thought I had found the perfect yellow nail polish when MissGlamorazzi raved about this color in a few of her videos. "Yellow Kitty" is a nice color but it's a bit too bright and I was looking for a more pastel yellow--like Revlon Buttercup. I have tried to wear this color three times since I first bought it but the color is requires so many coats to become opaque that it has always ended badly. It took four or five coats to get the swatch above--and even then I ended up ruining my nails because it took too long to dry even with a fast-dry top coat (so I ended the night wearing another spring-appropriate color, Essie "No Boundaries"). "Yellow Kitty" is a hard shade to find and if you happen to stumble across this color, I would suggest that you pass. The formulation and opacity is unimpressive and the color is not for everyone.

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  1. I recently blogged about this polish too, and agree - It's just too sheer and streaky! It takes 3-4 coats even when I wear a white base coat. I will continue my hunt for the perfect yellow nail polish (although, Etude House's Ice Cream Nail Polish in Banana isn't too bad, but it's not as pastel as you're looking for)


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