Monday, February 11, 2013

OPI EURO Centrale Collection: Sneak Peak + Favorite Colors

From left to right: Suzi's Hungray AGAIN!, You're Such a BudaPest, Can't Find My Czechbook,, OPI Eurso...Euro

It is that time again. Yes. OPI has released another collection and I can honestly say that I think this is one of the best collections they've released in a really, really long time. I was not able to pick up all the twelve colors but I did pick up the five pictured above. I was also tempted to pick up "My Paprika is Hotter than Yours" but I had to put my foot down somewhere. All of the colors that I bought are PERFECT for spring and especially for summer. Although I'd seen the collection online I wasn't excited until I saw them in-stores. The stock photos I saw online did not do any of these colors justice--making them appear more pastel and soft than the vibrant shades they actually are.

This collection was so surprising (and awesome) for two reasons. Reason number one: most of the colors were so bright and bold. OPI is known for their more subdued and darker colors, so it is exciting to see them come out of their shell a bit. Reason number two: seeing these colors together they actually seem to be a collection. Normally, OPI collections seem like a random assortment of colors thrown together and given punny names. To quote borrow language from Project Runway, it feels cohesive and I understand the story of the collection (Europe is the place to have fun in the sun)! I love how all the colors could be work together. I especially love how "" looks like a combination of all the other colors I bought but in glitter form.

 I know that a lot of the people reading this are on a budget and if I had only been able to buy two colors I would've picked "" and "Can't Find My Czechbook". It's not that I like those colors more than the others, I just think that they would be the hardest to find dupes for. My final thoughts on this collection is GO SEE IT! OPI has definately stepped up their game with this collection and I hope they keep this moment up for the rest of 2013. The review portion of this blog post is finished but I will post a few up-close photos of the polishes to help you guys get a better idea of what they actually look like. Never fear, I will be posting full-length reviews for all of these polishes in the coming weeks as I wear them. The first one should be posted on Wednesday--so keep your eyes open!

 From left to right: "Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!", "You're Such a BudaPest", and "Can't Find My Czechbook"

 From left to right: "" and "OPI Eurso...Euro".

Here is an up close photo of "". It has huge glitter chunks and I wanted to make sure that you could see them. This shade by far s the hardest to truly capture in a photograph but I think I achieved it with this shot. It is truly a stunning color.

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