Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Julep "Parker" Swatch + Review

four coats, natural light

Another NOTD post? What? So soon? I know it's crazy. And the fact that they both happen to be Julep nail polishes is just an odd coincidence. After wearing Julep "Jessica" for two weeks straight I figured that it was time to mix it up a bit. The best way for me to describe Julep "Parker" is a slightly lighter Crayola crayon orange. It is bold and bright color. Just the thing to inspire me to study for my midterms--or so I thought. I never used to wear orange nail polish but recently, thanks to Zoella (who loves the color orange), I have begun to have a new appreciation for the color. It is still one of my least favorite colors to paint my nails but at least it is no longer my least favorite color. That's an improvment, right?

In my review for Julep "Jessica" I mentioned that I have a love-hate relationship with Julep nail polish. "Jessica" was a strong mark in the love category and unfortunately "Parker" is an equally strong mark in the hate category. It was very thick and I found that I was having a lot of problems getting a opaque and smooth finish. It was blobby and wouldn't settle across my nails like most nail polishes do. It was just werid. The color is nice enough. It's bright and bold and the more I wear it, the more I liked it.

However, the weird formulation and the amount of effort it took to get the polish to look decent on my nails certainly made it impossible for me to write a positive review in the end. Julep polishes are high end polishes(costing $14 per bottle). It is not too much to expect that the polishes apply easily. "Parker" is not such a unique color that it would be difficult finding something similar for a much better price.  Final thoughts? I'm not impressed. My appreciation for orange nail polish is growing but if you want to add a color to your orange nail polish collection--don't pick this one. It is not worth the money.

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