Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ashley Olsen's Street Style

Ashley Olsen out in Tribeca walking her dog in dark Prada sunglasses, simple button-up shirt, burnt orange Hermes bag, textured blue midi skirt, and black and gold sandals [left].

Ashley Olsen in Tribeca wearing TOMs by The Row, skinny black jeans, printed grey black tee, structured black bag, gold-rimmed sunglasses, and pink floral print scarf [right].

Ashley Olsen in Manhattan wearing TOMs by The Row shoes, simple black maxi dress, assorted rings, a golden watch, burnt orange Hermes bag, and tortoiseshell sunglasses [left].

Ashley Olsen in Manhattan wearing black T-strap sandals, light-wash boyfriend jeans, button-up denim top, The Row crocodile backpack, gold-rimmed sunglasses, and assorted bangles and rings [right].

What do you think of Ashley's style? Do you have a favorite look? Tell me in the comments below! Chat with me on twitter! Check out my second blog! Become a follower!

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  1. She seems to prefer comfort but still keeps it stylish..She seems to prefer comfort but still keeps it stylish..

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