Friday, December 6, 2013

MAC "Purple Haze" Eye Shadow Swatch + Review

For today's post we're going to take a walk down memory lane. We're going to go back, way back, to when I was a little ninth grader and I was getting ready for my first big dance. I was nervous and excited and absolutely clueless when it came to makeup. As an early birthday present, my mom took me to the MAC counter to get my makeup done. She allowed me to all of the eye products the girl had used to create my makeup look plus two other eye shadows. She was being very generous. "Purple Haze" was one of those extra shadows that I picked up because the girl at the counter told me that purple eye shadow would make my brown eyes pop.

MAC "Purple Haze" Eye Shadow
To be honest, if I could go back in time I would've helped my mom save some money and I wouldn't have purchased this shadow. It's a nice color but it isn't something that I use a lot. [sidenote: I know that it looks like I've put a major dent in this eye shadow but that's only because I dropped it and a huge chunk fell out.] I know that I should throw this product out. It is super, super old. But, even though I don't really use it anymore, a part of me wants to hold onto it. It was one of my first MAC eye shadows. [sidenote: I know I sound crazy right now and feel free to tell me so in the comments.]

"Purple Haze" isn't a popular MAC eye shadow--and, for good reason. It's a dull, flat dark purple matte color. It's nothing special and doesn't have a smooth, easy to blend formulation. It goes on sheer and sort of looks like a foggy, dark purple. It takes a bit of patience and skill to create a makeup look with this color that doesn't look like it belongs on an episode of a TLC makeover show. The most common way I would wear "Purple Haze" was as a pop of under my bottom lash line. 

In conclusion, "Purple Haze" is a nice color but, unless you know that you will be wearing purple eye shadow enough to use up 1.5 grams of product, I would recommend buying a cheaper version from the drugstore. It isn't worth the price tag considering how much most people would use it. 

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  1. purple haze is the only mac purple i dont have yet... i wear full force violet every day im obsessed with purples, the brighter, the better. this shade does look rather dull but i kinda wana pick it up to complete my collection.


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