Monday, September 30, 2013

Sonia Kashuk "Sunset" Beautifying Blush Swatch + Review

Sonia Kashuk Blush in "Sunset"
 I'm back to rave about the Sonia Kashuk blushes. Surprise. Surprise. Earlier in the month I raved about the shade "Flushed" but today I'm dedicating my blog to the shimmery coral color aptly named "Sunset". It is super shimmery and super bold. But I am obsessed. Like the other Sonia Kashuk blush I tired, "Sunset" has a super soft and pigmented formulation. You only need the littlest bit of product but don't worry if you go overboard because it blends like a dream. 

Sonia Kashuk Blush in "Sunset"
I am still astounded that there isn't more talk about these blushes on YouTube or in the beauty blogging community. They're amazing! They're honestly the best drugstore blushes I've ever tried. It feels like a luxury product with its elegant packaging (it even has a magnet so the lid stays closed) but this blush retails for around nine dollars at Target. Isn't that insane? I just need them to come out with more shades because it'll only be a matter of time before I get every shade. 

Sonia Kashuk Blush in "Sunset" Swatch
Here is the blush once it is applied to the skin. The shimmer is still noticeable but it isn't disco ball crazy or anything. I'm normally not a big fan of super shimmery blushes but I found that I actually loved the look that the blush gave me. It gives the perfect summer glow to the cheeks and even though it's the end of September, I'm still obsessed with this shade. 

-Soft and pigmented formula
-Easy to Blend
-Available at any Target
-Price ($9)
-Fantastic shades

-Small range of colors

In conclusion, I think that this color is phenomenal. It is the perfect coral blush for spring and summer but its one of those colors (that if worn in the right way) would look lovely in any season. I'm a big of these blushes and I definitely want to try more shades. 


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