Monday, December 31, 2012

Sephora by OPI Disney Cinderella Nail Polish Collection: Sneak Peak

 Santa was VERY kind to me this year. In addition to getting me the Sephora In the Glow blush/bronzer/highlighter sample kit, he also left these goodies under the Christmas tree. A few months ago Sephora came out with a Cinderella Collection and the packaging was lovely and the products were drool-worthy but...I couldn't justify buying something so extravagant (by a college student's standards) for myself when Christmas was just around the corner.

As you can see, the packaging of this product is stunning. This set, officially called A Brush with Fate, is still available in some Sephora locations and retails for $24.50. Which is a tad bit expensive when you consider that each bottle is only 1/8 of an ounce. In total you are receiving only .75 ounces of polish for $24.50 when a regular sized Sephora By OPI nail polish (sized .50 ounces) retails for $9.50. So, in conclusion, this nail set is not for the bargain finders out there. It is however perfect for Disney junkies (like myself) who don't mind spending more money for really cute packaging.

Here is a close-up of some of the gold detailing on the side. I didn't notice until I started taking these pictures that it involved so much detailing.

The set comes with three blue shades (inspired by the color of the Cinderella's iconic dress, no doubt), two gold shades, and one pink glitter (because who doesn't need more pink glitter nail polish). All of the names of these polishes are adorable and perfectly Disney appropriate.

 From left to right: So Totally Enchanted, Step Off, Sister!, I Blue My Curfew

From left to Right: Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink!, Self-Maid Millionaire, Rags to Rhinestones

The formulation of these polishes is great. I have tested out a few colors and individual swatches will be posted in the near future! This gift set would make the perfect belated Christmas present or birthday gift. The bottles are small (makes it much easier to use up the entire bottle) and they have a fantastic variety. If you want these colors--better act quick because I'm sure that they won't be around for much longer. There have been rumors that Sephora and Disney plan to continue this collaboration with more Disney Princess themed collections in the future. If this is true, I must say that I can't wait for the Beauty and the Beast collection!

What do you think of the Cinderella collection? Which Disney Princess is your favorite? Leave me a comment below! Chat with me on twitter! Check out my book reviews on my second blog!


  1. The detailing on the box is so pretty! These colors all look really nice and the names are quite clever. I'm always easily amused by the names of nail polishes. I think So Totally Enchanted and Self-Maid Millionaire are the prettiest in the bottle.


  2. Aww yay I love this!! Anything Disney related and I'm hooked XD


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