Friday, October 26, 2012

MAC "Well Dressed" Blush Swatch + Review

"Well Dressed" is a MAC icon. Almost every MAC starter kit ever contains this blush or its very similar cousin, "Dame". And I understand why. It is a cool-toned pink blush that is sheer but at the same time pigmented. It is easy to blend. What more can a girl ask for? When I first got into makeup I was totally unoriginal. "Well Dressed" was the first MAC blush that I ever bought and I loved it. To this day this is my sister's everyday blush. It is just so easy to wear.
As you can see, it is a very soft color. I sweep it on my cheeks and it gives a beautiful flush of color. I'm kind of a blush junkie and I can never stay committed to one blush for too long. It is perfect for little girls who are just getting into makeup. Even the name screams girly and dainty and cute. But it is also for women who want easy, no-fuss makeup.

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