Monday, August 20, 2012

CoverGirl "Champagne" Eyeshadow Swatch + Review

 I have been a beauty/fashion blogger for how many years? And only last week did I buy my first CoverGirl eyeshadow and my second CoverGirl item EVER. I've only ever purchased a tube of CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara a couple years back. I don't know why I am never gravitated towards CoverGirl products. They have amazing advertising and think that they do an excellent job of picking spokespeople but in-store I find the packaging and presentation a little lackluster.

My attention was first draw to this product when Amarixe talked about it in one of her videos. I was looking to buy a second highlighter color because I couldn't find the MAC "Naked Lunch" Eyeshadow that I've been using lately. "Naked Lunch" is more of a golden, champagne color and "Champagne" is a icy, white-ish color. Both are really great highlighters--on the brow bone or in the inner corner of the eye.
I did about three layers in the photo above to get an opaque color for the picture. It was terribly difficult to do and if you are looking for a really opacity "Champagne" is NOT the highlighter for you. It is hard to work with but it is easy to blend. I also have to point out that this shade gets a little flakey sometimes. It is slightly less opaque than the MAC eyeshadow but that is very impressive considering that the CoverGirl eyeshadow was three dollars and the MAC eyeshadow was fourteen dollars.

The packaging leaves much to be desired. It looks cheap--and why is the packaging blue? For the CoverGirl brand, packaging is the place that they could make the biggest improvement. I know that they have been slowly introducing product lines that look clean and chic. But this navy blue plastic packaging is not cutting it. This is a good product but it requires quite a bit more effort to get a similar effect than some of the more expensive eyeshadows. I like the finished look but I would be upset with the quality if it hadn't been so inexpensive.

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  1. I have loved this color for a long time! I used to use this a my highlighter all the time but stopped for some reason. Great swatch review!


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