Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

This is easily one of the best products I've ever recieved in any of my Birchboxes. Strike that. It was one of the best products I have tried--period. This product leaves my face so incredibly smooth that after I've used it, I can't stop touching my face. That's probably horrible for preventing acne but I can't resist. It is that smooth. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is a holy grail product. I. Love. This. Stuff.
It isn't abrasive. Actually when I first used it, I was worried that it wasn't rough enough. I could barely feel it on my skin. It comes as a fine white powder. I put about a nickel size amount of powder in my palm and I use water as needed. I had a rough patch of skin on my right cheek and the last time I used it, I paid special attention to that area. I could literally feel the skin softening under my fingers. It was amazing. It is supposed to be a daily exfoliant but the results can last up to three days. The biggest downside to this product--and it is extremely big--is the price. It is fifty dollars for twenty ounces. I'm going to be so sad when I run out of the sample size Birchbox provided. It will be difficult trying to justify paying that much money for a skincare product but I will probably eventually cave. This stuff is that good!

Although the powder formulation is a little annoying because it can get messy. But I must point out that Dermalogica was smart enough to make the top just a solid surface with a few holes to allow the product to slide through. Now, to the best of my knowledge there is no way to take this part off. But I don't really think there would be any reason to. This makes it easier to work with than other powder products I've worked with like the 100% Pineapple Enzyme Mask I recently reviewed. I don't need a spoon and I'm not as worried about pouring out too much. Downside? If you pour it is nearly impossible to get product back in the bottle. So, you still have to be careful.
If there is an odor, I haven't noticed one. It hasn't irritated my skin but I don't consider myself to have sensative skin. Out of all the reviews I've read online, I have heard nothing but great things from fellow bloggers and consumers. The only complaint I've seen is the price. I ADORE this product. It is so amazing. Have you tried any Dermalogica products? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!


  1. Nice review! I haven't tried this or any Dermalogica products before. Although, I have heard good things about this stuff! I use something similar, but it's a liquid. It's Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It's amazing! Gotta love a good exfoliation! :)


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