Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bath & Body Works "Flower Shop" Candle Review

Bath & Body Works "Flower Shop" Candle
 It's officially spring! I can't believe it! And to celebrate, I thought it would be fitting to talk about a the the "Flower Shop" Bath & Body Works candle. I don't know how Bath & Body Works does it but they their candles are magic. I have a million different scents for the fall/winter months but "Flower Shop" is one of only two scents that I use during the spring/summer. 

Bath & Body Works "Flower Shop" Candle
 "Flower Shop" smells exactly like a flower shop. I know that sounds redundant--my sister would agree. But it smells like an actual flower. There is a difference between the scent of a real flower and an artificial flower smell. But somehow Bath & Body Works managed to capture that fresh and lively element. I don't know how they do it. But its amazing. It captures "the delightful scent of fresh-cut spring flowers--sweet lilac, pink freesia and hyacinth layered with cooling greens". 

Bath & Body Works "Flower Shop" Candle
Bath & Body Works "Flower Shop" Candle
I love this scent but its one of those candles that doesn't smell as great when burned. I don't know what it is but I don't like to burn it very often. It just doesn't smell the same. Although the smell is strong enough that it will fill a small, enclosed space like a bathroom or closet. And that's where I like to keep this guy. It makes me a little sad that I don't get to burn the candle. This is the first candle from Bath and Body Works that I just don't think I'm going to make it through. It'll be sitting in my bathroom, making it smell good, for the next forty years. That's some insane bang for your buck. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Reasons to Love Ingrid Nilsen [aka MissGlamorazzi]

1. She would take you DOWN in a dance-off. 

2. Nobody uses hand gestures quite like Ingrid.

3. Her cat Nugget is ADORABLE. I mean, look at that face!

4. She's a total foodie!

5. She's adventurous and willing to try anything once...or twice. 

6. She is a master of the derp face. 

7. She knows how to work her accessories. 

8. Her smile is infectious. 
9. She loves pandas...
Misspandarazzi <3

Like a lot!

10. She is a beauty guru who stresses that beauty is more than flawless skin and perfectly curled hair.
missglamorazzi - Google Search | via Tumblr on We Heart It -

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Leave the reasons you love Ingrid in the comments below! What are the ones I missed? 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LUSH "Snow Fairy" Shower Gel Review

LUSH "Snow Fairy" Shower Gel
It's time for another LUSH review! Be warned that there might be a few LUSH posts in the next few weeks. I got a bunch of goodies for Christmas and during their Buy One, Get One Free After Christmas Sale and I've been going a little LUSH crazy. Please forgive me. But today's review is a goodie!

LUSH "Snow Fairy" Shower Gel
The "Snow Fairy" shower gel is one of LUSH's best selling Christmas goodies. And its not hard to see why. The LUSH website describes this shower gel as the perfect addition to anyone's bathroom--"candyfloss pink...with a sweet, magical scent of soothing and comforting vanilla, the flecks of blue glitter leave you shimmering."

LUSH soaps sometimes get a bad reputation for not lathering well but this--I'm glad to say--is not the case with "Snow Fairy". It only takes a nickel size dollop to clean my whole body and it lathers as well as traditional shower gel. It normally retails for $9.95 for the smaller 3.3 fl oz bottle (the one pitctured above) or $28.95 for the larger 16.9 fl oz bottle. I could never imagine spending thirty dollars on a shower gel. The only reason I bought "Snow Fairy" was because it smelled fantastic and it was half-off. But in the days since I've been using this shower gel (my first from LUSH) I haven't noticed a big discrepancy in quality between LUSH and other brands. 

LUSH "Snow Fairy" Shower Gel
I included this pictures because I thought that the instructions were very helpful. "Get naked, hop in the shower and lather up." Good to know. Also, fun fact. The sparkles in the shower gel are completely biodegradable. I love using this stuff--it feels luxurious and girly--but I won't be repurchasing any time soon. I think that it's a lot to spend on shower gel and I think that my shower gel from Bath & Body Works works just as well.

Monday, January 13, 2014

MAC "Syrup" Lipstick Swatch + Review

MAC "Syrup" Lipstick
This Christmas my sister went above and beyond when it came to presents. If you saw my LUSH haul from last week (click here if we haven't seen it) then you will know that she got me some LUSH goodies for Christmas but she also surprised me with a MAC lipstick that I've been talking about for what seems like ages.Whenever we went to the MAC counter I would always talk about how much I loved the shade and she, being the fantastic sister that she is, remembered and went out to pick it up for me. And, what made the gesture even better, she got the lipstick by trading in all of her empty MAC packaging through the Back to MAC program. 

I know that she doesn't get to buy a lot of  MAC products (even though she loves to stop by the counter and ogle) and it really meant a lot that she was willing to sacrifice her chance to get a new lipstick for herself and instead got something for me. So, in case you're reading this Jenn, thank you. I love all of my gifts. You really knocked it out of the park. And now, enough blabbering. Onto the review!

MAC "Syrup" Lipstick
MAC "Syrup" is the prefect everyday, pinky-nude lipstick. I have been reaching for this shade over and over again since I first opened it up on Christmas morning. Even my parents--who ironically gave birth to two makeup junkies but don't really don't like makeup--are fans of this shade. It first caught my attention when Allison ( talked about this shade a while ago in one of her videos. It isn't a shade that, I think, a lot of people know about because its such an understated shade. But it truly is lovely and I highly recommend that you check it out the next time you visit a MAC counter.

MAC "Syrup" Lipstick Swatch
MAC "Syrup" Lipstick Swatch on Lips
Here is the color applied to the lips. As you can see its a lovely your-lips-but-better shade. It reminds me a little bit of the Maybelline "Warm Me Up" lipstick but "Syrup" is less nude and more pink. Like all MAC lipsticks, it retails for $15.00 and you get 3 grams (or .1 fl oz). It is a pricey lipstick but it goes on incredibly smoothly, with that familiar vanilla scent, and the beautiful lustre finish. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big New Year's LUSH HAUL: Soap, Bubble Bars, + Shower Gel

 It's haul time! Woohoo! I know that New Year's was a week ago but I'm finally getting around to posting this LUSH haul today. Oops. But I hope you will forgive me. As you can see from the photo above, I got a lot of stuff. Well, a lot of stuff for LUSH because everything is so pricey! But thankfully, my wonderful little sister picked up the Snow Fairy Cone filled with goodies.

LUSH Snow Fairy Gift Set
Here is what the tag of the gift set looks like. Isn't it adorable. LUSH is pricey but their packaging is flawless. You can also see the price tag in the background. This gift set traditionally retails for $22.95 but (until supplies run out) LUSH is having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on all their Christmas stuff. My local LUSH store still had three of these in stock so I recommend stopping by your LUSH to see what they have. I mean the deal is insane. So, because of the sale, this gift set only cost about $12 which is an amazing deal. 
The gift set comes with three items. All of them are super girly and glittery. My favorite.

Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar (30g/1.0 oz): Smooth this shimmery vanilla bar all over your skin and sparkle like a disco diva.  

Angel's Delight Soap (70g/2.4 oz): Fruity and uplifting soap, scent from above with sweet orange and tangerine essential oils. 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100 ml/3.3 fl. oz): Cotton candy pink and sweet as sugar, with iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitiness.

I also got the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar! Isn't it adorable? I've already used up this bad boy and I posted a review yesterday. Click here to check out an in-depth review. This normally retails for $7.25.

And last, but not least, I also bought the lovely and sparkly Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. I actually picked this bubble bar up for my sister and she's tried and she said that it made her tub SUPER bubbly and she only used about a third of it. I can't wait to try this out but I was a little said to hear it doesn't turn your bath a fun color. Sad face. However, despite that little bit of disappointing news I am so excited to try out all these goodies and post reviews here on my blog. 2014 is going to be an awesome year and I'm so glad that you guys are here to share it with me.

What did you get for Christmas? Please tell me in the comments below or on Twitter/Facebook. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

LUSH "Christmas Eve" Bubble Bar Review + Photos

Happy New Year's everyone! I won't spend too much time waxing on about how quickly 2013 flew by (even though it did) and how weird it is to think that its now 2014 (even though it is). But I'm going to jump right into my first post of the new year. In the days after Christmas, LUSH was hosting a fantastic buy one, get one free sale. All their Christmas goodies were included and I couldn't resist picking up a few goodies for me and my sister--haul to come at a later date. 

I decided to ring in the new year with a luxurious and relaxing LUSH bath.And considering it was New Year's, I thought it would be fun to use LUSH's Christmas Eve Bubble Bar.

This LUSH bubble bar is scented with calming jasmine and ylang ylang. It isn't my favorite scent from LUSH (that honor goes to cult favorite, Honey I Washed the Kids soap) but it is a very relaxing scent. And I found that while it doesn't linger on the skin, its a full twenty-four hours later and I can still smell it in my hair.
calming jasmine and ylang ylang
calming jasmine and ylang ylang

Unfortunately, while this bubble bar smells oh-so-delicious, it turns your bath water a very unflattering grey color. Thankfully the bubbles do a good job of covering a majority of the water's surface so its easy to ignore the fact that it looks like your bathing in dirty water. But poor water color aside, it's a lovely bubble bar. It gives off a medium amount of bubbles and would make a super cute themed gift for Christmas. As far as I know, the BOGO sale is still going on. I would recommend stopping by your local LUSH if you get the chance.

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