Tuesday, October 29, 2013

13 Nights of Halloween: Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Ursula

Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Ursula
I hope you guys have been enjoying my 13 Nights of Halloween posting schedule. I know I missed posting yesterday--I was studying for a midterm and ran out of time--but I'm back today with another look at the newly released Disney Villains Nail Art sets from Kiss. This one featuring, probably my favorite female villain, the wickedly lovely Ursula.

Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Ursula
Whoever did the art and graphic design for these sets deserves an A+. They managed to capture Ursula's slimy personality and yet manage to keep her looking fabulous. I mean, look at those lashes! They're marvelous.

Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Ursula
The kit comes with one container of caviar beads, one stiff bristle brush, one bottle of top coat, foil tape, a sheet of nail art stickers, and six packets of HD glitter. It's a lot of supplies and, honestly, the possibilities with this set are almost endless. I was really attracted to the glitter in this kit. They're all lovely, sea-inspired shades. I'm excited to try and replicate the example nail featured on the front of the kit.

Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Ursula
In case you didn't know. this Disney Villains collection also includes four makeup palletes from elf, hair ties from Scunci, and false lashes. I know that elf came out with a Disney Villains collection last year but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the packaging or the products. It felt like a bad remake of the MAC Villainous Villains collection that came out years ago.  I didn't puck up anything but as soon as I saw this, I was blown away by the art. It's stunning. It isn't an exact copy of the characters from the movies but its a cool and artistic twist on the characters we all love to hate.

Disney Villains Nail Art Kit. feat. Ursula
And, like all the other kits, this one features a creature from the movie on the inside flap. Here is Flotsam (or Jetsam) hanging out reminding all of us that sometimes it's fun to be bad! 

It's only two more days until the end of 13 Nights of Halloween! If you've missed any of my posts you can click here to see them all. It's been fun posting on a more frequent basis. I think that I'm going to try something similar during December. Have any fun suggestions for what I should call my December series? Leave them in the comments below!

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