Monday, October 21, 2013

13 Nights of Halloween: Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Malificent

It is day three of my new 13 Nights of Halloween series and continuing with the beauty theme (this is, after all, a beauty blog) I decided to review the new Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit featuring the beautiful and very much misunderstood, Maleficent. I managed to get my hands on all four of the Disney Villains Nail Art Kits but this one, by far, was the hardest to find. I think I went to four or five Walgreen's before I could get my hands on this stuff. It was kind of insane. 

But just looking at the glitter and the caviar beads that comes with this set, I can understand why. The Maleficent kit has the most beautiful colors. I love the way the blues and the greens and the purples all look together. But, before I go on and on about how beautiful everything is, let's get down to business: what comes in the kit?

Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Maleficent
Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Malificnet
The kit comes with one container of caviar beads, one stiff bristle brush, one bottle of top coat, foil tape, a sheet of nail art stickers, and six packets of HD glitter. It's a lot of supplies and, honestly, the possibilities with this set are almost endless. I am most excited to try the glitters and the stickers from this set--although I have to admit that I am still a little confused why there are butterfly and flamboyant swirl stickers. Cruella De Vil had paw prints and Ursula had sea shells. Was there a pivotal butterfly scene that I forgot about? 

I've done a little experimenting with each of the kits--mixing and matching supplies from all four--and I can't decide which one I like the most. Each of them has things that I love and things that I'm not as crazy about. But, although I haven't spent that much time playing around with these kits, I highly recommend them. You will have to act fast because when I bought these a couple weeks ago they were almost completely sold out. This Disney Villains collection also includes four makeup palletes from elf, high ties from Scunci, and lashes.

Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit feat. Malificent
I might have bought a few more products from the collection, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I'm starting to realize that a large chunk of my 13 Nights of Halloween series might just consist of reviews of products from this collection. So...yeah. I hope you don't mind too much. I'll be back tomorrow with another Halloween inspired blog post. Bye!

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