Monday, September 9, 2013

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book Review

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book
 A few years ago I did one of my first book reviews on this blog. On that day I decided to review Lauren Conrad's recently released book, Lauren Conrad Style. But today I'm going to be reviewing (the not so newly released book) Lauren Conrad Beauty. I hadn't seen this book in stores when I received it as a Christmas present from my sister but I had liked Lauren Conrad Style so much that it was rather hard not to have my hopes  up. 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Cover Makeup
First things first. Doesn't Lauren Conrad looks stunning? I absolutely love everything and anything about how her hair and makeup for the cover of this book. Even in its simplicity, it grabs your attention. But even though I LOVED the cover, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed about the book's contents after I'd spent some time browsing through the pages. 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book Spine
 My biggest problem with Lauren Conrad Beauty was its lack of specificity in the advice it was giving out. There weren't a lot of "professional makeup-artist" secrets to be revealed or information on Lauren's favorite products, it seemed like a pretty standard book about beauty. And if this book had come out fifteen or twenty years ago this would've have been a problem but right now the internet is FILLED with beauty blogs and beauty bloggers who can offer the same type of advice but you don't need to pay for it. I was hoping that this book would offer more "behind the scenes" look at makeup and especially doing makeup for film. There were quite a few step-by-step "how to" pages but they felt cumbersome and out-dated. Who wants to struggle to recreate a makeup look using a book (making sure the page doesn't turn, trying to figure out what exactly they're doing, trying to figure out what products they're using, trying not to get too much makeup smeared all over your book, etc.) when you can just find a video on the internet. 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book
 In conclusion, I was really unimpressed with this book. Don't get me wrong, I think Lauren Conrad is a beautiful, hard-working, and talented young lady but I think traditional "how to" beauty books are becoming a thing of the past. There isn't a need for them when there is so much information available on the internet with a click of a button. Lauren doesn't talk about any of her favorite products but the one thing I thought was beautiful was the last section of the book. It was a quick look at how makeup trends have transformed during the ages. But I wouldn't purchase this book. If you're looking for great makeup tips check out my Best Beauty Youtubers List. These ladies are fantastic, funny, and willing to share their beauty knowledge for FREE! 


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