Monday, July 29, 2013

My Julep Maven Nail Polish Collection: Photos + Reviews

My Julep Maven Nail Polish Collection
 Last month I finally got around to doing a My Essie Nail Polish Collection blog post and it was wonderfully successful. Easily one of my most viewed blog posts in June. And I finally got around to doing the second part of my nail polish collection--my Julep Maven nail polishes. It isn't as large as my Essie collection but I had enough polishes that I thought I would share my collection with you. 

Julep Nail Polish Collection: Catherine, America, Jennifer, Hayden, Parker, Annette
 Catherine is a deep, vampy red. It is the polish you reach for when you need that classic, Old Hollywood inspired manicure. The formulation on this polish is a bit sheer (you'll need about three coats) but the consistency is fantastic. This is one of my favorite colors that I own. I'm sure that you can find a cheaper alternative at the drugstore (because it isn't a terribly unique color) but if you're looking to invest in a classic red nail polish, this is an excellent choice. America is another one of my favorites. It is the perfect color to show off your patriotic spirit. This is my must-have 4th of July nail polish. I'm also excited to rock this color during the upcoming Winter Olympics. Jennifer is a color I bought because of the name. My sister's name is Jennifer and I just couldn't resist. However, I learned a very valuable lesson with this color--never judge a nail polish by its name. The consistency is lovely (very similar to Catherine) but it is extremely sheer. It takes upwards of seven coats to get a completely opaque look. It is a wonderful color once applied but I find that I never reach for it because it's such a hassle. If you're looking for a fantastic pale pink try Essie Fiji instead. 

I was a bit hesitant about buying Hayden because I was so disappointment with Jennifer. But I was happily surprised when I realized that Hayden had a much thicker, much more opaque formula. It only takes two coats and you have a lovely creamiscle-orange manicure. Parker is a color that gets a lot of use around Halloween--its the perfect orange for pumpkin nail art. The consistency lies somewhere in between super sheer (like Jennifer) and super thick (like Hayden or Gayle). It's application is nice but it isn't a color that I go gaga over. Unless you're a big orange nail polish fan I suggest you pass on Parker--it will most likely just end up collecting dust in your collection. Annette is a beautiful sleek, clean, and modern grey nail polish. The formulation is thick and lends for easy application but like Parker, it's a color that I tend to forget about. It's lovely but nothing incredibly special. I can easily think of more affordable nail polishes that I love more. In the end, Annette is a nice color but I don't think it's worth the hefty Julep price tag. 

Julep Nail Polish Collection: Courteney, Sofia, Jessica, Gayle, Julia, Patti
Courteney is easily one of the more unique colors in my Julep Collection. It is similar to Essie "The More The Merrier" but Courteney is slightly lighter and is more pastel than neon. The shade is super opaque and you'll only need two coats for complete opacity. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Sofia. It is a light green with lots of chunky glitter. It goes on very sheer (you'll need to have a lot of patience and a lot of time if you want a really opaque finish) and dries with a matte finish. It's a pain in the butt but I found out that it glows in the dark. No joke! I was so impressed. This color is another one that I love to wear around Halloween. Jessica is my favorite Julep nail polish. It is the prettiest baby blue color. It has a very thick formulation (maybe a little too thick for my personal taste) but you only need one coat. There are a lot of sky blue polishes out there but this one is my favorite. If you are looking to expand your Julep collection, you've got to check this one out. 

And from my favorite Julep nail polish, to my least favorite--Gayle. The polish is so thick that I find it nearly impossible to get a nice manicure. The color is nice but not very unique. This is a polish I would pass on. There are so many other great colors from Julep. Don't waste your time with this one. The moment I saw Julia online, I knew that I had to have it. As a proud UW husky fan, this color is fantastic way to show off my husky pride. It is a gold and purple metallic polish that looks stunning when applied to the nails. This is definitely one of Julep's most unique colors. It is a must have if you are a fan of purple and gold. And finally, Patti. Patti is a cream black polish with chunky glitter mixed it. It reminds me of some of the iconic Deborah Lippman glitter polishes. This one is a color for a girl's night on the town or a Lady Gaga concert or Halloween. It isn't something that I wear on a regular basis but it's a color that I'm glad to have in my collection. 

-Sleek modern packaging
-Small business based in Seattle, Washington
-Huge range of colors online

-Very expensive ($14.00)
-Inconsistent formulation + opacity 
-Hard to find most colors at country-wide retailers like Sephora

In conclusion, I'm still undecided when it comes to Julep nail polishes. There are some colors that I absolutely love (Jessica, Patti, Julia, America, Catherine), a lot that I have mixed feelings about (Sofia, Annette, Courteney, and Hayden), and a few that I wish I hadn't bought (Gayle and Jennifer). In my experience the formulation is a bit hit or miss with Julep. A lot of these polishes aren't available at Sephora and when you buy them online it's a bit of a gamble. I have a love-hate relationship with Julep. If you are going to buy a Julep nail polish, I highly recommend that you do your research before you buy. 

FTC: Some of these polishes were sent to me for review. 


  1. I love Parker! I am obsessed with the colour orange and this looks perfect for me! :)



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