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Top 10 Blue Nail Polishes

Top Ten Blue Nail Polishes
Since my beauty ban started in February I have been spending a lot of time rediscovering lost loves and old faithfuls--especially with my nail polish. In case you didn't know, let me confess it now, I'm a nail polish junkie. It is my biggest sin. But luckily my readers will benefit from my lack of will power because I am putting together six top ten nail polish lists. This one (the best of blues) will be followed by purple, green, pink, glitter, and neutrals in the coming months. I've been wanting to do a post like this for ages and I'm really excited that I'm finally getting around to doing it. 

But first things first. What criteria am I judging these polishes on? There were three things I took into account when choosing the polishes for this list. One) How often do I wear it? A lot of times I love a color but I don't find myself reaching for it. Two) What do others think? A lot of my friends and family are nail polish junkies as well. I love having people over to the house to have manicures and a lot of these colors are very popular with the ladies. I also took into account which polishes receive the most compliments when I wear them out as well as which colors receive a lot of attention from fellow beauty bloggers. Three) Uniqueness and quality. Is this a unique shade? Is a color that you can't find in another brand's line up. If not, what makes this particular color from this particular brand the best (formulation, price, packaging, brush, lasting power, etc.)?  Well, enough blabbering...onto the nail polish!

Top 10 Blue Nail Polishes: Julep "Jessica", Revlon "Blue Lagoon", Essie "Lapis of Luxury", Essie "In the Cab-ana", Revlon "Radiant"
 The first five shades that I picked fall on the summer/spring end of the spectrum. The first shade is Julep "Jessica" which is--without a doubt--my favorite Julep nail polish. The color on the nails is very true to the color in the bottle. This polish is super opaque and only takes one coat (which is super surprising for such a light color). It's a little on the thick side for my taste but I think it's a great polish and a lot of my friends seem to really like this color. But be warned this stuff is pretty pricey ($16 per bottle). Revlon "Blue Lagoon" looks pretty similar to "Jessica" in this picture but "Blue Lagoon" has a more green undertones while "Jessica" is a pure baby blue. Also, the Revlon shade has subtle glitter in it. I know, how can you resist. 

The next shade has been a favorite since I first started getting into nail polish (I believe that it was the first Essie polish I ever bought) and it's called Essie "Lapis of Luxury". This shade is a lovely muted cobalt blue. This is actually my second bottle because my first one died sometime last year. I knew this color had to make the list. Sidenote: this color looks GORGEOUS on darker skintones. The next shade is a new addition to my collection and it's Essie "In the Cab-ana". I haven't owned this shade for very long (only a few weeks) but I have become obsessed and I can't get enough. This color looks pretty ordinary in the bottle but packs a massive punch when applied to the nails. It's the perfect for bright summer polish. And finally, Revlon "Radiant" which is a lovely blue-green-silver glitter. It's something that I love to wear as an accent on my ring finger. Bonus: I looks great with all of the other summer/spring blue nail polishes.

Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue, Nicole by OPI "Kendall on the Katwalk" and "Listen to Your Momager!", OPI "OPI...Euso Euro", Essie "Dive Bar"
Now, onto the colors I wear more during the fall and winter...except for the first one which is Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue". This color is so bright and so bold. This is what I thought OPI "Royal Navy" was going to be. It is a really saturated royal blue color. The formulation isn't my favorite (a bit too gloopy) but I am willing to overlook this flaw because the color is brilliant and the price is fantastic. Next I have Nicole by OPI "Kendall on the Katwalk". This a true opaque glitter (unlike Revlon "Radiant" which is more like a top coat) and I love wearing it even though it tends to chip like crazy. The price is fantastic and widely available at most drugstores. Bonus: it looks fantastic with my next favorite, Nicole By OPI "Listen To Your Momager!" Tomorrow is the 4th of July and this color is perfect for lovely American flag inspired nail art. Click here to see what I'll be rocking on my nails for the occasion. This color has a bit of a reflexive finish and is really great for people looking for something more than a traditional cream finish. 

OPI "OPI...Eurso Euro" is an electric dark royal blue. It's a bit more vibrant than OPI "Royal Navy" which is a similar color from the brand. This is the only OPI polish that made my list but I will say that OPI that is a lot of OPI in most of my other lists because it rates extremely high in formulation and brush application. It is my all time favorite nail polish brand but it needs to work on it's blue range. And last but not least, we have Essie "Dive Bar". I will admit that it looks a bit lackluster in the bottle and I probably would've never picked up this shade if it weren't for Allison from and One day she was taking about this polish and it looked so good on her that I had to go check it out. She write excellent beauty reviews on her blog, makes fantastic YouTube videos, and has amazing taste in nail polish. This color is a lovely duo chrome dark blue. It's a great color if you're looking for a chic, vampy blue color for winter.

What are your favorite blue nail polishes? Please leave your answer in the comments below because I would love to hear your suggestions! Also, look out for my top ten green nail polishes list which should be out within the next week or two.

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