Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 Products I Regret Purchasing

 I was recently reorganizing my makeup and I thought I would do a 10 Products I Regret Purchasing blog post. So I just picked out all of the stuff that I didn't like and put it into a pile. I had a couple other things that I wasn't crazy about but I felt the most strongly about these 10. Now that I've taken the pictures and I'm writing this post I realized that I didn't actually buy one of these products--the Hard Candy eyeshadow. It was sent to me for review and when I was picking out the products that would go into this post I guess I didn't have my thinking cap on. I feel a little bad because they were kind enough to send the product to me but I feel slightly better because I really, really didn't like this eyeshadow. Please excuse my brain fart. Everything else I purchased with my own money. I have reviewed almost all of these products  so if you want a more in depth review or to see photos/swatches, feel free to click the links!

 There are four eyeshadows that I regret purchasing. The first is the Covergirl "Champagne" Eyeshadow. I bought this because I had misplaced my MAC "Naked Lunch" eyeshadow while I was at my grandma's house and I wanted a nice highlighter. It's pretty and it's pretty inexpensive but the more I use it, the more I find that it is hard to work with. I liked it when I first got it but since I've gotten back I've found that I don't really reach for it anymore. AND I found my MAC eyeshadow when I got back from the store. Then again, that's just my luck. I should've looked harder. But this Covergirl product is a walk in the park when compared to 100% Pure "Vanilla Sugar" Eyeshadow. It  is an absolute nightmare. It is flaky, it is hard to blend, it isn't pigmented. Gah! I hate it. It was pretty pricey--around fourteen dollars I believe. Bad purchases sting so much more when you pay a lot of money.

The third eyeshadow I regret buying was the Maybelline "Tough as Taupe" 24 Hour Color Tattoo eyeshadow. I tried to like this one...I really did. But I just didn't. It looked like a blue-toned gray in the pan. It looked like a blue-toned gray on the skin. It wasn't a flattering color and I had such high expectations because I loved "Bad to the Bronze". I'll find a way to wear it but for now it sits in the drawer of shame. The last eyeshadow is the one I didn't purchase. Please see disclaimer/excuse in the first paragraph. It is a pretty color but there's so much product, I can't imagine ever using it all up. Also, it applies beautifully but if you accidentally swipe it with your hand the shimmer blue comes off and your left with a terrible gray/black mess. Be sure to click here if you want to see what I mean.

 Now onto the lips! The first product stings because it was so expensive. I love my YSL lipstick in "Forbidden Burgundy". It is one of the top five lipsticks that I own--easy. I guess I don't regret buying "Sensual Silk"...I just wish I had gotten a different color. I spent a lot of money on a shade that I have to work with to make flattering and isn't a terribly unique color in my opinion. The lipstick itself is fantastic. Great packaging, great opacity, great smell. But the color...ugh! Following on with the trend of light, pinky nude lipsticks I regret buying MAC "Mlle". It was limited edition and I don't think you can get it anymore but I loathe this color. I thought it would be so pretty but it is hard to work with. It almost looks like an off-white color on the lips. It isn't flattering. I regretted the purchase the day I bought it. I should've taken it back but my sister convinced me that I could make it work. Well, I admit defeat. I can't make this lipstick work.

And the last lip product is the Revlon "Darling" Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I don't hate this product. It's nice but I regret buying because I own a very similar product and I love that one so much better. In my humble opinion, the Revlon "Gumdrop" Lip Butter is the perfect thing to give your lips a hint of lilac. It is just so pretty and subtle. It has a glossier finish that Darling AND it is easier to apply. With Darling you have to work it into the skin and even then it isn't that noticeable. If you want a lilac lip buy Gumdrop--it is so much better.

I only have two face products--a bronzer and a blush. The Maybelline "Medium Bronze" Fit Me Bronzer is a relatively new purchase. I bought it and I really liked the Maybelline "Medium Coral" Fit Me Blush. The blush was so easy--just sweep on your cheeks without thinking and go. The bronzer wasn't quite so easy. Maybe I got the wrong color for my skin tone. I just found it too orange-y. I didn't like it. My sister liked it so much that I gave it to her. Maybe if I got another shade it would suit me better but I don't want to risk another four dollars. I have bronzers at home that I like so I'll just stay away from these.

I know what some of you are thinking. A MAC blush? How do you regret buying a MAC blush? They're fantastic! Well, I'll agree with you. They are fantastic. I adore all of the other MAC blushes I own. I just don't love this one--"Coygirl". I don't hate it. I'm just "eh" about this blush. It's okay. But if I spend a lot of money on a blush I want to love it. I was a bit rushed when I picked out this one and I wish I had chosen better. It isn't a bad color...but like with the YSL lipstick, I wish I had gotten a different shade. There is nothing wrong with the formulation or anything. It just isn't the one for me.

And last but not least we have the Maybelline "Blink of Blue" Great Lash Mascara. It was limited edition in August and I was so excited when I saw this. I've been wanting to try a colored mascara for ages but I didn't want to splurge. So when I saw these I thought, this is fantastic! It's like Maybelline has been eavesdropping on my thoughts. The formulation is fine--a bit clumpy for me--but you can tell by looking at the wand what my problem is with this mascara. You can't even tell it's blue--sure on the tip and some places on the bristle you can see a hint of blue but nothing show stopping. And that's how it appeared on my lashes. Maybe if I had blond lashes it would be more noticeable but on my black lashes it looked like I was just wearing regular old mascara. What a waste of money.

What are some of the products you regret purchasing? Tell me in the comments below! Chat with me on twitter! Check out my review of Nicholas Sparks novel, The Choice!


  1. i really, really want to buy a YSL lipstick, i heard it's really amazing! i'm sorry to hear you regret buying that shade! :/

    <3, Mimi

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