Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue Boyfriend Cardigan

Top--Thrifted from Goodwill, Cardigan--Forever 21, Shorts--American Eagle, Shoes--Vans, Nails--Butter London "Henley Regatta"

Today I'm off to work with my Grandma! I know I've said this before but she is such an amazing woman. Even at her age, she is still such a strong and driven woman. I only hope that I'm going to grow up to be like her. I'm writing this post on August 7th but I'm not going to post it for a few more days. I plan on documenting all of my outfits for the rest of the month and they will eventually all get blog posts but in case you want a sneak peek, follow me on instragram. My handle is @iamlnewlin!

Another bonus about staying at my Grandma's house? Her amazing yard! My last outfit post featured her semi-green house and today's features the pond that my Grandfather built in the front of the house. It's even shaped like the Big Island. How impressive is that? He was a very talented man. 


  1. Awesome outfit! I love the shorts!

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